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Why Is Queen Mattress So Popular?

The number of different mattress types, sizes and brands is quite big. And each one of these mattresses is designed in a different way to appeal to the different types of consumers. For example, we have air beds that are easily set up via inflation and deflation. You can use them for camping or to accommodate a guest in your home. And we also have water beds that are providing comfort by using water.

Besides the type of material being used, these products also differ on size. There are several mattress sizes that are made to meet the needs of a customer. Besides the comfort, the size of a bedroom is what also comes into play. This is why why have double beds, California king mattress, twin and king size beds. They all have their advantages and disadvantages in order to meet the right needs of a sleeper.

queen smattress

One of these is a queen size mattress. A popular choice for couples for sure. But what you have to know about it first is the dimensions. You can’t place the over sized bed in your home, no matter how much you like it.

The standard dimensions are 80 inches in length and 50 inches in width. They come right between the full size double bed and a king size mattress. The best about this size is that it suits the couples and the individual. You get a lot of free room to maneuver and you won’t disturb the person sleeping next to you. It is just the right amount of intimacy and freedom you get with a queen size mattress. This is exactly why this size is so popular.

Besides the standard offer, there are variations. For example, queen water bed, queen air mattress, and queen foam mattress. And all these types have another advantage for the end user. It is affordability.

You won’t have to spend money on accessories to use this bed. All the sheets, covers, pads and toppers are normally used. They are less expensive then the king and California king size beds. This is why newly wed couples often decide for a queen size mattress over the others.

Memory foam was invented by NASA engineers for astronauts who had to endure high G-forces when taking of to the space. The soft surface foam provided was a reason mattress companies tried to use this material for beds. And after years of testing, it has proven to be a very good choice for the consumer. The results are great and memory foam is a revolution that won’t be forgotten.

queen size mattress

These mattresses come on various sizes, queen size being one of them. A 60″ by 80: is a little bit bigger then the full mattress size and it gives enough room for two people to comfortably sleep on them. As we all know, sleep is important for all of us and the lack of sleep causes serious problems for our body and mind. Without a good sleep, we are not in position to focus and work properly. We are weary and out of place for the entire day. The one thing that can energize us all is a good sleep and when we are facing uncomfortable bed, then we know where lies the root of our problem. And memory foam mattresses are well known to give that extra comfort we need to have a good sleep. Even people with sleeping problems report that these make them sleepy.

The trick with these types of beds is that they respond to every part of our body. Every move we make will have an impact, and the foam will conform to our posture. The pressure points we make are not be so hard on us anymore, because the foam will leave us some space where needed. And exactly these pressure points are what makes us sleep bad and have a bad circulation. Irregular shape will make troubles for our bodies, and the ordinary mattresses are doing exactly that. And we have to conform with them.

With improved circulation, our ailments are healed quicker and we gain some therapeutic value. Not only they offer comfort, they offer allergen free environment. Asthma patients and allergy sufferers are free to use memory foam queen size mattresses since they are hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial. There won’t be any dust mites entering them and you can wash the top layer when needed.

Another thing is the warmth of these mattresses. We all want to have it in our queen size bed, and especially if it is winter. The air flows freely through them and this is what gives an advantage over other types of beds.

We are free to toss and turn in these beds and they will adjust themselves to us. No more waking up to meet the bumps on the bed or to find a better position for sleep. You will only have to wake up in the morning to realize you had the best sleep ever. And your partner, that is next to you in a queen size mattress, won’t even know that you were moving during sleep. The surface is made that way. Only you will fell the moving and the other part of the bed will stand still. This is why couples prefer queen size bed and memory foam mattress combination.

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