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Tips For A Split Queen Mattress

Split queen mattress comprises of box springs which are connected and easily reached. Its two designs are called as the whole and split box springs. The latter is designed to fit in areas which couldn’t possibly be reached by whole Queen Size box spring. Yes, it means the areas like narrow corners, tight doorways and staircases which are difficult to access otherwise. If you are considering ordering Queen Mattress with split box springs, it may be added that this is going to be more expensive than the normal queen size mattress.

Split queen boxes are already popular and you can find them in local or even online stores. We have pointed out that these are more expensive than the usual queen mattress by about $100. A “Split Queen” mattress comprises of two mattresses of 30”X80” each. That means you have to procure personalized sheets that would fit them appropriately. But these are not difficult to get and you can have them in some exclusive designs.

Types and Additions

Just like the mattress, you have to measure these accurately before buying sheets. You should measure the thickness of queen mattress to have pocket depth of right size.

You can have an additional mattress along with your existing mattress. For instance, you could get it in Halo Series. They provide you blue damask quilting blended with excellent microfiber polyester that offers you high level of comfort and easy breathability.
There is also a mattress offering magnetic therapy. Its polyester batting is equipped with magnets. Being hypo allergenic, it aligns the body in a Bio-North magnetic field and provides relief from stress that you might have collected from being in contact with the outside world during the day.

Though it helps you to stay healthy, you should not totally depend on it and should certainly consult your doctor on the subject.
It may be pointed out here that you can’t give back the Magnetic Split Queen Mattress Pads. So, you need to be careful while buying it. The same holds good for memory foam mattress topper., should you decide to have it.

In the unfortunate incidence of your split queen mattress getting stained, you can use one of the many spot removers like K2R or Fabreeze that are easily available. That way you can get rid of any odor too. Subsequently, you need to air it out and use a protective cover to prevent it from getting spoiled from any accident in future.

Tempurpedic split queen mattresses are worthwhile and make a good option but you could always consider others like Sealy Posture Premier, Sealy Springfree, Sealy Posturepedic, C&C Mattress and Stearns & Foster. You’ll appreciate the comfort level that split queen mattress provides for sleeping. It also provides you mobility to reach areas that usual queen mattress is unable to reach. Simply follow the prescribed suggestions and play it safe for utmost benefit.

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