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Therapedic MemoryTouch Mattress – A Review

One of the most selling mattresses of today is the Therapedic MemoryTouch Mattress. Though originally designed for the unusual requirements of comfort of astronauts, soon it was realized to provide comfort to bed ridden patients in hospitals. Subsequently it was also incorporated in the design of certain medical equipments like cushions of wheelchairs.

The unique characteristic of Therapedic memory foam mattress that enables it to conform to the shape of human body enables it to ease the pains caused as a result of having been confined to hospital bed or wheelchair over prolonged periods of time. Because of this helpful characteristic of memory foam, it’s being patronized by hospitals and medical institutions the world over. The technological development is already providing benefits to millions of patients who feel relieved from continuous pains and aches, thus being able to have a comfortable sleep.

An extension of the same technology resulted to having pillow top mattresses followed by memory touch mattresses, the comforts of which a lot of people are beginning to enjoy. The new technology is already helping millions to have a comfortable undisturbed sleep, leading to better health. All the users are reporting its positive effects and are indeed appreciative of the recently discovered luxury. Apart from its health giving properties, the product is expected to last longer than what had hitherto been offered to people. There is no dearth of excellent reviews of the product, with Internet coming to its aid. The users have narrated their experiences of using this material on the net and many comment the superb comfort of using such mattresses as simply heavenly, like getting sunk into clouds. Those preferring to use firmer mattress too have many options.

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The underlying cause of such luxurious comfort is the application of visco-elastic design that makes a therapedic visco-elastic mattress to promptly response to temperature changes. When the temperature is low, in other words, when it’s cold, the memory foam gets stiff {visco) but as the temperature rises in summers, it becomes more flexible (elastic). That enables the foam to adjust to the contours of your body to provide support and thus relief to the parts of your body that need it most. As your body weight sinks into the mattress the neighboring area of the mattress responds quickly to embrace your body and you begin to feel that element of additional comfort.

The Therapedic MemoryTouch Mattress was highly appreciated and very well accepted by consumers when it was introduced in the market. The new users are certainly excited by its features. Once you get used to its comfort, you begin to wonder how could you ever sleep without one! A majority of users confirm its benefits by way of better levels of comforts while sleeping and that goes to better rejuvenate the body and brings with it a feeling of being more energetic.

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