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The Magnificent Magnetic Mattress Pad

Magnetic therapy is known to have been around in different forms since ages. This therapy makes use of magnets applied to different regions of human body to get relief from many kinds of pains. That makes it a safe and non-evasive process of healing.

Magnetic therapy is claimed to be helpful for avoiding the cropping up of illness. This natural therapy can be used for getting relief from pain. It helps reviving energy and good sleep. Though of ancient origin, it is befitting for all times and holds a promising future for people.

Natural healing process

Our body naturally maintains self-healing electromagnetic balance that gets disturbed because of some or the other illness. It is realized that magnetic therapy helps the body to recover the balance for coming back to normal.

Magnetic therapy has proven to be a safe, economical and efficient therapy involving no complications. It’s not beneficial to the sick alone, as it helps even normal people to have enhanced activity and for improving their general well being.

Dr. Bonlie and Biomagnetism

Dr.Bonlie, the past president of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy, has been occupied with full-time research and development of magnetism for the last 18 years. He is an established authority in the field of biomagnetism. Many studies have approved of his scientific theory on the effects of magnetism on living tissues.

In 2001, Dean R. Bonlie, D.D.S., of Calgary, Canada, developed equipment known as the “Magnetic Molecular Energizer” (MME). It’s a large magnetic device being used for conducting an advanced magnetic research and development in various institutes in the USA. He developed a magnetic mattress to create a magnetic field which passes through human body when asleep.

Clinical trials

Many scientific experiments and studies have proven the benefits of magnetic therapy. For knowing more about this subject one may refer to these two books:
“Healing with Magnets” by Gary Null
“Magnetic Therapy in Eastern European Research” by Jiri Jerabek and William Pawluck.

If you keep a powerful magnet on some specified areas of the body, you get a sensation of warmth in that area. Permanent magnets like the Neodymium produce a strong magnetic field in the region to help revival of biological energy. This is achieved with the magnetic field slowing down the physiological degeneration of tissues.

How does magnetic therapy help?

Magnetic therapy:

* Stimulates dilation of blood vessels
* Releases muscular contraction
* Speeds up the elimination of dead cells and toxic materials from the body
* The body requires elastin and collagen for restoration of tissues; the static magnetic energy stimulates production of these elements to a large extent.
* Eases inflammation of the joints

The foundation

The underlying principle of magnetic therapy is that positioning of magnets on certain areas of the body improves circulation of blood in those areas, and we know already that improved blood flow and the resultant increase of oxygen helps the natural process of healing the body.

Heat therapy

The important benefit of this therapy is that it offers a safe non-evasive way of having control over discomfort as a result of pains. It offers warmth to painful body parts, causing a soothing effect on cells and tissues that goes to alleviate painful condition.

Magnetic Mattress Pads from Woolrest BioMag

Woolrest BioMag has been offering products for magnetic therapy for the last 35 years and users have reported the effectiveness of these items. The products offered by the manufacturer include Magnetic mattress pads, magnetic bed toppers and magnetic underlay among others.

How it works

The magnetic mattress pad has powerful magnets evenly sewn into it. You may use it below the bed sheet or on top of the mattress. This unusual combination of magnets and good quality of wool contributes to the success of Woolrest BioMag products. This rare combination of the two materials keeps you warm that helps reducing pain and swelling of the joints. These are known to provide relief from painful conditions experienced due arthritis, sciatic pain, fibromyalgia muscle, pain in the joints and migraines.

In case you are affected by any of the above said conditions, making life difficult for you, you’ll find the magnetic mattress pad to be of great help in getting relief from your problems.


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