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A Quick Look At Spring Air Mattresses

Nothing is more rejuvenating than a good and restful night of sleep. It better prepares you for facing the stress and strain of the day ahead of you. The Spring Air brand of mattress is an excellent option for having the desired and deserved quality of sleep to heal your body so that you remain alert during the day.

The company producing Spring Air line of mattresses claims to use advanced manufacturing processes and better quality materials. They maintain that the new technology incorporated in the assembly of the bed helps to induce better sleep due additional support system that improves comfort levels.

This novel Back Supporter line of the Spring Air mattress beds provides exacting support to the lumber region of one’s back and is helpful in providing the much needed relief, especially to those with problems in the lower back region. This was possible only by incorporating radical changes in the process of manufacturing of their foam and coils.

spring air mattress

This brilliant idea of providing a new kind of a back-support system has prompted many people to go in for this mattress and they continue to enjoy a better quality of sleep. It’s already established that back pain is a major cause of disturbed sleep and restlessness. A good mattress should help to ease tension and support relaxation enabling the user to have a sound and better sleep. Continued and prolonged use of such a mattress should help curtail problems associated with one’s back.

The producers of The Spring Air mattress have another series of bed mattresses termed as the Four Season Collection. This collection is devised to offer a cleaner and non-irritating sleeping environment by making use of 100% cotton fabric covers. It has non toxic cotton fibers within the mattress bed assembly, which is helpful in giving you a healthier and more comfortable sleeping experience.

As good as cotton, this line of mattresses employs natural fibers silk, down and wool all thru its different variations. These natural fibers are expected to provide another benefit of improved breathing-atmosphere that induces a better level of sleep.

spring air bed

This line of products offers many options. The technological developments have been exploited to improved use of foam for having mattress beds that are more environment- friendly. Their description of variable pressure foam, (abbreviated as VPF) employs an innovative manufacturing process that reduces toxins and blowing agents. This offers the benefits of keeping the environments healthy for everyone, while you get a safer product for your daily use.

The Spring Air mattress company has further improved the product by inclusion of Pocket Coil Technology into the product. Here, each coil of the bed assembly is enclosed independently. It means that each coil functions individually without affecting the other springs in its proximity. As a consequence, it isolates the motion caused by your tossing and turning in bed, thus leaving your partner in bed quite undisturbed. Further, it prevents the problem of roll-together, which aids better quality of sleep.



  1. Brigitte Tye says:

    This is the worst mattress I have ever slept on! I haven’t had a good night sleep in over a year since I bought my Spring Air Mattress! I have to go to a chiropractor now. Worst investment I have ever spent!

  2. Dawn Harper says:

    this is the worst mattress I have ever slept on and the worst company I have ever had to deal with after just 3 years I am giving up and have to buy another mattress so my husband and I can actually get some sleep I will never again purchase a spring air product or recomend it to anyone!

  3. aero beds says:

    Thanks for sharing the information with us. Are you gong to add a rss button to tis site

  4. Audrey says:

    I bought a spring air Camelot Plush in April 2009. It is the worst bed I have slept on in many years. I am a side sleeper and wake several times during the night to find myself in a hole. In looking at the warranty I am not going to try to send the mattress to Ma. as I would have to pay all the shipping. This was an expensive bed and I feel that I wasted the money spent . Why would I add insult to injury by paying to ship it back to the manufacturer?

  5. Kim says:

    We purchased the Spring Air Comfort Flex with box spring set about 5 years ago. (Cal King) At first we both rolled into the middle of the bed. My husband put in an additional slat in the middle of the frame, which eliminated the roll to the middle, but left us both with holes where we sleep. We did everything recommended by the furniture company that sold it to us, but still have two very deep divots, which can be seen even under the comforter! The furniture company was no help and the matress has been unbearable for the past 4 years. It was a very expensive lesson, almost $2,000, and we have now had to buy a new matress. We’ve decided to go with Aireloom, the price is higher, but know that RC Willey isn’t going anywhere, and if we experience any problems they will stand behind the product, as well as the manufacturer!

  6. Laura says:

    Recently purchased an Audry queen mattress w/box springs. The mattress developed holes in the center and we both rolled toward the center within the first 3 nights of use. the box springs have no springs in them and there is only one thin 1×3 wood slat going the full length of the box spring on the bottom with 5 .5″ x3 slats on the top of the box.
    We sent back the first set because the slats broke within the first
    3 nights. My husband and I are of average size. The floor room mattress was displayed on top of a cement base and they claimed they couls not show us the box springs that came with it from the factory.
    We ordered the same set again thinking the first set was a factory defective item.
    Not so, the second did the same thing and I really believe the box spring has much to do with the mattress bowing in the center.
    I will contact the manufacturer again, however, I will never buy spring air again and warn anyone that is thinking about it, to buy something else.
    Bad experience, poor nights sleep plus it looks awful with the hole in the middle

  7. London says:

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