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Slumber Rest Heated Mattress Pad

You get many brands of heated mattress pads in the market, all offering various features and different sizes. The Slumber Rest heated mattress pad is renowned for delivering good performance.

The heated mattress pads are available in all required sizes. As far as the heating wire is concerned, it poses no difficulty, as you are unable to feel it, but it heats the bed within ten minutes. However, the time required for heating the bed also depends upon the size of the bed whether it’s a king sized bed or the California king size.

In case you want to heat the mattress quickly, just cover it with a blanket while pre-heating. That way the heat gets trapped, resulting to quick heating of your bed.

This Slumber Rest heated mattress pad is provided with an easy turn on/off switch. That means you have to keep the switch away from the bed, lest it should get turned off while you are sleeping. The mattress comprises of 140 threads counts of cotton and polyester that makes it soft and comfortable for sleeping.

Slumber Rest heated mattress pad offers you ten temperature settings, enabling you to adjust it as per your personal requirements of comfort level. It also comes with a preheat feature that enables you to warm up the bed sheets before going to bed. And, it also has a ten-hour shut off that automatically turns it off after the said period of ten hours. The mattress can be washed and dried in a washing machine. It comes with a warranty of five years.

You will find these tips helpful while buying the best Slumber Rest heated pad at very competitive price.

* Before you venture to buy your Slumber Rest heated mattress pad, make sure that you have the size of the bed you are going to use it for.

* At the time of purchasing, check the comfort level of Slumber Rest heated mattress pad. Make sure that it has no protruding wires that make sleeping uncomfortable.

* It’s very important to check wiring. You should be able to detach wiring easily. See if it can be washed and dried in your washing machine.

* The Slumber Rest mattress pad should comprise of soft durable material that’s comfortable to sleep on.

* It should offer a power level setting enabling you to heat it to the desired level of temperature.

* It should offer the facility of automatic switch off after continuous use of say ten hours or so and have a quick warm up setting too.

* If you are buying the king, queen or California king size, make sure that it comes with a dual power control on either side of the bed.

And, here is a tip that you are most certainly going to appreciate. You should be buying it before winter sets in. That way you’ll find it at a more affordable price. Don’t ever buy a Slumber Rest heated pad without warranty and clear specification making it safe for machine washing and drying. Now that you know all you need to know, you can Buy Slumber Rest Here.

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