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Sleeper Sofa Mattress

With the shrinking sizes of new houses there is often a problem of accommodating an extra bed. A very practical solution to that is to have a sleeper sofa mattress that functions as a two-in-one. During the day it works as a sofa in the living room while at night it doubles up as a bed. A sofa bed mattress is the perfect choice for a bachelor pad as it saves a lot of space in small sized rooms and is economical also.

It’s not only the shrinking size of houses only but also the shrinking size of families that makes a sofa bed mattress a must have under the circumstances. The reason is not difficult to guess. You are a small family in a small home, but what happens if you have a guest for a night or two! Here, your sleeper sofa mattress stretches to a full-length mattress to accommodate your guest. Even your kids can take turns for using the sofa at night. You get these mattresses in many sizes, colors and designs.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while buying a sleeper sofa bed, the most important being its size and weight. You should buy just the right size and a lightweight mattress if you frequently intend using it as a mattress. The weight matters, as it helps the process of converting the bed to a sofa and back to bed on a regular basis. A heavier mattress may necessitate seeking help of other member of the family.

The other important factor is the degree of rigidity and that defines its hardness and softness. In effect, rigidity quantifies the support the bed provides to its user and how well the mattress retains its shape while someone sleeps on it. A soft or flexible mattress would naturally allow you to sleep comfortably. Rigidity is also important for keeping the mattress in good shape.


  1. sofa bed are very very comfortable and i love to sleep on them “”

  2. Hospitality Bed 5″ Replacement Innerspring Sofa Sleeper Mattress-bad quality, expensive, un-returnable.
    The quality of this mattress is worse than the quality of my 7 year old sofa sleeper mattress. I wanted to return the mattress and was told that it can’t be returned once the plastic has been removed and lied on. This policy was not made clear previous to my purchase, during my purchase, or when I took the mattress out of the box. The mattress cost is $250, I do not consider that inexpensive for poor quality and un-returnable, and on top of that unclear/fine print policies. The customer service representative was kind enough to lead me through the website in order to find the fine print return policies. After this experience I will never purchase from this company.

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