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Myer’s Mattresses – The Basics

Myer’s have been in the business of producing mattresses and beds for more than 130 years, having started it in 1876. Years of experience enable the manufacturer to design mattresses that are comfortable and long lasting, the two factors that consumers look for in a mattress. Should you be looking for a dependable mattress that continues to provide you that much deserved undisturbed comfortable sleep to rejuvenate your body, you should consider investing in Myer’s mattresses.

Features of Myer’s Mattress

What enables Myer mattresses to offer better comfort and provide an element of extra support is the technological arrangement of springs, Memory Foam and Talalay latex. The specifications of the springs used in a Myer’s mattress vary with the expected requirements of the mattress. For instance, open coil springs in a mattress can provide a soft or firm surface. The springs those are wider at the top result to having a softer mattress, whereas the narrower ones will make it firmer. Likewise, Backcare Springs produced from 2.5 gauge wire are open coil extra firm springs, which are ideal for people looking for a firmer support from the bed. You may have a Myer’s bed with twin coil springs that are arranged in two layers to provide extra strength to the mattress.

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In case the movements of your partner in bed disturb your sleep, it’s time you shifted to a Myer’s double bed with a Memory Foam mattress. Memory Foam bed reacts to the weight and temperature of an individual and adapts itself to the body shape of the occupier of bed. That means, using a Myer’s double bed with a Memory Foam mattress enables both the partners to have their respective own area of bed to sleep in absolute comfort without any tossing or turning in bed at night. No sooner the occupier of bed leaves it, the mattress retains its original shape and form. The Memory Foam beds from Myer are made with a combination of single or two open coils springs enabling you to select the one perfectly suited to your personal comfort levels.

Consumer reviews of Myer’s mattresses

Myer’s mattresses deservedly get raging reviews from actual users and can be viewed on the website of dealers of Myer’s bed. You will find that one of the users found it to be a good treatment for insomnia. As a consequence of having spent on procuring one of the divans from Myer with Memory Foam mattress, the user could successfully deliver better performance at work to the extent of earning an extra promotion, all because of a comfortable sleep that was instrumental in keeping the user more energetic at work during the day. Another couple found that Myer’s mattress provided equal comfort to both the partners due its molding ability. The wife reported a reduction in her backache and that enabled her to get a good night’s rest. Quite a few reviewers were appreciative of the easy installation of the Myer’s divan bed.

The incorporation of springs with memory foam technology makes Myer’s beds a worthwhile investment.

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