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Lumina Mattress – Ensure a Comfortable Sleep

Along with proper exercise and nutrition, having a good sleep is a vital contributor to proper health. Poor quality sleep and lack of sleep leads to poor concentration, depression, heart diseases and high blood pressure. Besides, this is also associated with mental illness and reduced productivity. Having the right mattress is the thing that contributes to the good night’s sleep. Considering the fact that we spend a lot on choosing the right bed, therefore it is also worth of investing in the Lumina mattress, the right type of mattress to get things right.

The right mattress is the one, which remains firm as well as comfortable to offer the user good postural alignment and proper support during sleep. An important factor in enjoying good night sleep is the mattress, which can meet with your sleeping needs properly. So, this is the high time to turn to the better mattresses, which are now available in the market. The Lumina collection of mattresses is one of these names to be counted on.

lumina mattres collection in store

The Lumina collection of mattresses is considered to be the second listed mattress collection offered by the Sherwood Bedding group. These mattresses are a perfect blend of eco-friendly raw materials and the best quality fabrics with more than 50 years of engineering experience. Therefore, these mattresses entail painstaking attention to details at a surprisingly affordable rate. All the mattresses of the Lumina collection are innerspring mattresses with high profile pocket coils and full foam encasement. Besides, there are some other features available in these mattresses and these include: quite lock construction and contract grade insulators to divide the sections of mattresses. The covers of these mattresses come with circular knit ticking feature and these are made of organic cotton. In some cases, the covers are made of lycra.

Each type of cover is quilted to chemical free and 100% natural fire barrier along with the layers of quilting foam. This is a soy-based foam, is very model in softness and this helps to decide the total comfort level in the mattresses. Considering these amazing features, almost all the covers of Lumina collection of mattresses are prepared by using this foam.

There are actually two main models of Lumina mattresses available, namely Celebrity and Affinity. Both these models have six types, known as:

  1. Firm

  2. Extra Firm

  3. Luxury Firm

  4. Plush

  5. Euro Top

  6. Jumbo Pillow Top

All of these mattresses are celebrity hybrid series luxury pocketed coil mattresses, which are designed to offer deep conforming comfort. This model also features a high carbon content “tampered” pocketed spring facility, which can successfully eliminate motion transfer with the fully encased pocketed spring facility for superior stability and superior edge performance. Here the heavyweight celebrity panel covers are infused with natural tancel fibers and knitted with Lycra for increased conformability and durability, while the cool gel memory foam layers and soy based upholstery grade foams are layered carefully in the ascending support strategy.

lumina bed presentation

Every Lumina bed comes with a high density and thick base pad and highly resilient base foam that protects the pocket coils below while playing the role of a shock absorber. This also works with the foam encasement and as a result, the coils are protected from the side. These individually wrapped pocket coils decrease the pressure points by offering support even under the entire body of the user. It means the large body parts of the mattress user will not have to bear the load and the points will get complete support. Therefore, this configuration is ideal for the spine.

So, as a whole, the main benefits of using these mattresses are:

  • These mattresses include natural Talalay latex: This is a type of natural latex, created by using the Talalay molding procedure. This process actually pours natural latex liquid rubber into one vacuum-sealed mold and therefore it is frozen for stabilizing the rubber cell structure. After that, carbon dioxide is introduced and the mold is therefore heated to create a foam by curing the rubber. As a result, a healthier alternative to the petroleum-based foam is created as this kind of foam mainly emits volatile organic compounds over the time.

  • These mattresses come with high-density memory foam: While most of the brands consider low-cost memory foams, which offer less support to the users while sleeping and often breaks down more quickly over the time, Lumina only use foams of high-density grades. Besides, the open cell memory foam construction also enhances ventilation to keep the users cool throughout the night.

  • These mattresses offer proper quality assurance: These mattresses are created only by following the time proven manufacturing procedures, which can minimize defects across the entire range of products.

  • These mattresses include stretch knit fabrics: The Lumina mattresses come with unique cover fabrics, which evoke old word luxury while offering the ergonomic features of high-performance materials. Careful usage of advanced fibers would allow these fabrics to stretch in four directions. This thing enables and enhances the support and pressure relieving functions along with the materials below the surface.

  • Naturally safe: Most of the manufacturers keep on using chemical treatments and other materials, which can impact the environment adversely. But this is not true in the case of Lumina beds. In these mattresses, every material is selected really carefully while keeping safety as the main priority.

  • Deep comfort for a deeper sleep: The Lumina bed comes with a range of finest quality materials in the top layers to improve back support while relieving pressure. By using the best quality fibers and foams, these mattresses offer the users virtual assurance of comfortable, deep sleep for year after year. So, by using this mattress, the users will wake refreshed on every morning.

  • Advanced pocketed spring feature for individual comfort: Every Lumina mattress is crafted around the pocketed spring feature. Here every coil spring is encased individually in its own durable yet lightweight fabric pocket. This thing allows every coil to respond independently while improving support and eliminating the scope of motion transfer.


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