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A Quick Look At King Koil Mattress

If you want to buy a new mattress, but are not in position to buy Simmons Natural Care or Sealy Posturepedic, don’t worry, King Koil mattress is here. It can be a fine replacement that will cost you considerably less. While you will not get the quality, you will get a decent bed that you can use for sleeping. If you need a cheap mattress, then King Koil could be your choice.

beds by king koilThe Technology

Bigger brands are using all the technology they can to make better and more comfortable beds. Of course, this also means that these products will be expensive. But that is the price we have to pay if we want the best. On the other side, if you buy a innerspring mattress, you will save your money. This is what King Koil offers. They are an old brand that is doing business for more then 100 years. But they are in the same spot as Miralux, Kingsdown and Englander, they didn’t pushed forward like Sealy, Simmons and Serta did and they are still focused on the old type of mattresses – innerspring. While bigger brands are developing memory foam and now latex beds, King Koil can offer you innerspring. Sure, for the last few years, they also started with the development of other types of beds, but they are too new at this and have to get some experience before they can offer high quality product. Just try to do some searches on Google for King Koil mattress reviews and you will see what am I talking about. Their customers are not so happy, because the mattresses they buy sag in a matter of months. This is not always the case, of course, but there is a big number of disappointed people and that tells us something.

Three main collection are King Koil Spine support, Perfect Contour and Perfect Contour Extraordinaire. Other models are Comfort Sensations, Perfect Solutions and Comfort Sensations Elite. They are have different features and level of firmness. I suggest you visit a store near you to try them out, if you are interested in buying one of these.

king koil mattressMain King Koil Beds

Lets say a word or two about three main products. Spine Support mattress has a 3 zone innerspring coil units. There are 420 coils that are made from high tempered steel. There is a 2 and a half inch poly foam attached to the spring unit and on top of that is a half an inch layer of memory foam. This is not thick enough for good support, so I wonder why did they install this top layer at all. You will not be able to feel full power of foam since the cover is so thin.

Perfect Contour has more support, there is a 5 zone coil system installed and every coil row is laced with the closes row to connect all the wires. This prevents the motion transfer we usually feel when a person next to us is moving. Edge is strengthened with a high density foam.

Perfect Contour Extraordinaire offers luxury fabrics and is a top of the line mattress that King Koil offers. It is a reliable innerspring bed that costs a lot less then Sealy Posturepedic for example.

There are latex mattresses from this company that are worth looking at. The material they use is Talalay, which is the same thing other brands use. You will get these mattresses for cheap so if you are after that, check out what Natural Elegance has to offer. They are not all made out of natural latex, there are some models in this series that are made out of synthetic latex. Why did people from this company chose to give them this name, I can not say.

At the end of this post, I have to say that you can find better quality mattresses. But at this price, you’ll have to work hard on it. You can put King Koil mattress in the same basket as Kingsdown, Miralux, Englander and Restonic. Visit your local store and try them out. If you are tight on budget, you may wanna buy one of these (if you want to get a good deal, Buy Here). You won’t be disappointed, but do not expect much from the start.




  1. Robin Hyde says:

    My husband and I bought a King size King Koil. It is not even four years old yet. One whole side of the mattress has a large “sink hole” in it. We called the company and they sent someone out to look at it. They said the mattress was structurally defective. But because there was a small sweat stain on it our warranty was void. You can’t even sleep on the mattress the “cave in” is so large. So even though there is a serious defect, the stain gives the company an out for having to take responsibility for selling a defective mattress.

  2. Joyce R. says:

    I have the same problem with my mattress. I also have a water stain on mine which I’m sure will void out the warranty. I wake with terrible back aches. I paid big bucks for this mattess and I don’t know how to get this company to fix my problem. This so called warranty is a rip off. I may call somebody in government to help me. I am really upset about this!

  3. Robin L. says:

    I purchased a King Koil Laura Ashley bed less than a year ago. Thank goodness our warranty allows us to replace the bed, which sags deeply on both sides. We had to take so many pictures: mattress, box springs, bed frame, etc. that I was surprised they didn’t ask for pictures of us to determine that we didn’t weigh 400 lbs. each, but alas, they said they would replace it. Now I’m worried that we will be in the same boat again soon. I didn’t realize I was purchasing a “cheap” brand, it seemed to cost enough not to be at the time.

    Good luck to anyone thinking about buying this brand and a suggestion – sleep on it – there may be a better choice.

  4. Steven Thorne says:

    This is to Robin L.,
    Like all brands King Koil makes different models from top to bottom. Laura Ashley is a fine line of products and not a Cheap Brand like you said. All bedding factories have a warranty on their products. There are situations that void warranties. Not having a center support, but in most cases if the customer puts one one their bed or frame. It will most likely coreect the problem. If the mattress has stains it will void warranty, etc. If king Koil did not take care of your problem. I could see your comments having merit; but since they did. I think youor comments are not warranted.

  5. King Koil makes as good a product as anyone else and It provides a Great Value and A Great Nights Sleep. In
    these times the cusumer needs the Best Product for their
    money and King Koil provides these products.

  6. PATTI B P says:

    I love my King Koil. Explaination needed?I did do my homework. Thanks for a really great product.

  7. Martin D. says:

    I bought the Natural Response Night Rain model (latex and memory foam combo – queen size) in 2003 and have not had any issues with it. It took awhile for the memory foam to gas-out but other than that it has been very comfortable and durable. I did a lot of research before I bought it and feel I got a great deal. I expect to have it for many more years without any problems.

  8. We purchased a Natural Response memory foam mattress five years ago, and within four months there were sagging issues in the spot where each of us slept. Calling, writing, or e-mailing was a waste of time. Because of small sweat stains on the mattress despite using a mattress cover, we were told that this voided our warranty. We are now sleeping in holes. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT BUY A KING KOIL! We wasted $1,100 dollars. Save yourself the trouble, buy another brand!

  9. Garry Zimmerman says:

    I bought an expensive mattress and I’ve had nothing but problems. from the first week our mattress sunk where my wife and I sleep. The company told us that the depression is natural and happens in all mattresses. It didn’t matter that the “depression” was twice as deep where my 100 pound wife sleeps compared to where I sleep. Our backaches will not go away and the owner of king koil, whom I got on the phone said this was not a warrantee issue as it was normal use within tolerances. DO NOT BUY THIS MATTRESS!

  10. FaireMaiden says:

    In 2007, my husband and I bought a ‘Perfect Solutions’ king-sized mattress set, (with requisite frame), from the ‘Jaclyn Smith’ line, (which is manufactured by ‘King Koil’). It was a top-of-the-line mattress; we paid some $3,000-thousand dollars for it. It is an innerspring with both latex and foam.

    Three years later, we still can’t wait to get into bed. It has surpassed our expectations, and has proven to be worth every penny we spent… especially considering not only how much time one spends in bed sleeping, but the comfort upon arising sans backache, neckache, hip ache, etc.

    Now, I’m not some naive consumer with tons of dough to blow. We did our homework, researching two years, before buying this bed. I can fully attest to the fact that ‘Mattress-World’ is the most fraudulent business in America today. There are NO regulations whatsoever when it comes to either the manufacture, or retail practices, of mattresses. I have been a party to numerous letters to various State Attorney’s General and on, and on, and on regarding mattresses that don’t live up to the claims the manufacturer’s make, as well as the totally worthless ‘warranties’ that serve only as a protection for the manufacturers, not the consumers.

    So… my advice is to shop, shop, shop… research, research, research… NEVER pay full price… keep all your paperwork… put a major pad on your bed to keep it from staining (we put a one-inch wool pad on ours)… and expect to pay some big-bucks for a really good bed. The days of spending a couple-hundred for a bed are long-gone, unless of course, you WANT to wake-up with a broken back. Good luck!

  11. Mary says:

    I bought a queen-size King Koil in 1994. My 6-5 stepson sleeps on it now.
    Sometimes when my stepson is staying at his mom’s house, I or my husband sleep on it if my husband is snoring loudly, and we both like it far better than the expensive mattress we bought in 2007. I found this site looking for King Koil, and despite some of the negative reviews, for us it’s definitely worth trying King Koil again.

  12. lee says:

    i just a bought one and the model is crystal. the salesman told me is good for the spinal and turn free…

    i only will get my mattress 2 weeks later…. but surprisingly is that i cannot find this model in the king koil website???

    or the salesman cheat me…

    and i found that there are many compliant about the king koil bed.. make me also feel uncomfortable…

  13. Bob says:

    We purchased a King Koil, King, no flip pillow top mattress two years ago. At first, it was pleasant and comfortable. After 12 months, we noticed impressions, but figured that was normal. At 18 months, the side started to bulge. It has now collapsed with the foam band extending on my side some 2-5 inches due to some defect. I am sure it would also fail the “string test” as the impressions are deeper with a unconfortable hump in the middle.

    I called King Koil and the warranty person sent me the warranty form. She didn’t seem to eager to help me and kept on saying it had to fail the string test to be valid.

    I weigh 175 and my wife is 150. This is clearly a structural failure. Our dealer went bankrupt and now I have to go to the manufacturer personally. I have to pay $60 for an evaluator and possibly other charges – if I can find another dealer in town to return it when the King Koil truck comes around. My mattress came with a slight rub stain from the plastic being torn and it being slid on the truck. At this point, I think I will save my money and buy a better more reputable mattress.

    Check your warranty and what constitutes a warranty issue before you buy. I strongly recommend looking elsewhere. I wish I had my old Restonic. They were great at warranty service.

  14. Mike Williams says:

    I bought my Koil Koil pefect conture matress 3 years ago From 1800 mattress. MY wife and I are quite pleased with the mattress. FYI from lreading alot of the other reply’s I am wondering if you guys are turning your mattress every 2 weeks
    The salesman who I purchased my king koil from and I believe the instructions that came with it said that you need to turn your mattress every 2 weeks.

  15. Karen says:

    I did my research to find a good quality reasonably priced Mattress. I purchased my King Size King Koil Enclave mattress and paid $1099 for it 3 three weeks ago and I am getting a good nights sleep. I am plus sizes and I have noticed that the mattress sags where you sleep but springs back once you move to another position. I am going post another review in a few months to see if my opinion has changed for the better or worse about this mattress. As of today, I would not recommend this mattress because how the mattress sags.

  16. Sara says:

    All mattress warranties require the mattress be stain-free. This is not in any way exclusive to King Koil. I think King Koil makes excellent beds and if you look up any other manufacturer’s name plus “problems” or “complaints”, you will find all these same types of complaints. If you take care of the bed, it will take care of you.

  17. Roxanne Georgoulis says:

    I bought a King Koil pillow top also, no-flip and after the 1st month or so, noticed the sagging in the middle of the mattress. The only nights I have been able to get a good night of sleep on this mattress are the nights I am so exhausted from not having slept well the previous 4-5 and I practically pass out from exhaustion. I could probably sleep well on my floor on those nights. I am in the process of having an “inspector” come out to look at it and hopefully returned for another type of mattress. This is literally one of the worst mattresses I have ever had.

  18. Karen says:

    I wrote my first review on Sept 8. For the amount of money I paid for this mattress, I should not be having backaches after having it four months. I find myself tossing and turning in the bed, lying, and spots that have not sagged which sometimes is the foot of the bed or lying diagonally. I am very disappointed in this mattress. Even my 15-month old son is having uncomfortable nights sleep in this bed. I am going to request another brand of mattress from the furniture store I bought this mattress.

  19. David says:

    I purchased a new box sping and mattress and in less than six months both the wife and I have depressions we now have to sleep in because I did not purchase the expensive extended warranty. I am disabled and on a low fixed income and we are now saving for a new mattress and I promise you this “it will not be a King Koil”. This has been a total waste of my good money. I bought from a large furnature store and tested many in the store before making my purchase. This is the mattress for you if you can afford a new one every four months because that is how fast mine broke down.

  20. Joe says:

    Like many other King Koil customers my wife and I are totally dissatisfied with our Timeless Visco memory foam mattress. After only two weeks in our room we noticed an odor and significant softness in our firm mattress. We contacted our salesman because the store where it was purchased has a 30-day return policy if your not totally satisfied. He told us that the policy doesn’t apply to bedding because of hygiene reasons. We live in the Detroit area and I went right to King Koil and was told that they couldn’t do anything but, Art Van stands behind their products. Well, after 5 years of sleeping on a sagging mattress (one that felt like you were laying on the side of a hill), waking up every day with a backache and 3 visits from a customer service rep. they are finally going to replace the mattress. I don’t have a money tree in my yard to purchase big-ticket items that should last, so my only hope is that the replacement mattress (The Whispering Willow) is a FIRM mattress that holds up longer then a few months. I feel by taking 5 years to resolve this issue customer service is not that important to Art Van or King Koil!

  21. Debbie says:

    I will never recommend King Koil mattresses, what a huge rip-off! $2,500 for what we were told was the best of the best, and now I have a mattress that is worse than my old one was, the HOLE that I sleep in is deemed acceptable by the manufactures: 1 1/2 inches deep! And the HUMP that is now between my husband and I is a JOKE! I don’t feel like I am heavier than most other people..in am 199 lbs and I am 5′ 7″… I don;t know what mattress to buy I have YET to find ONE that lasts, this mattress is LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD….and now I have numbness in my fingers, pain in my neck and lower back, and WHAT did the doctor say? “perhaps you should try a new mattress.” YEAH….so now I am sleeping on the COUCH. KING KOIL …WHAT A JOKE!

  22. Aisha says:

    6 months ago I was in the market for a mattress at a resonable price. I read the reviews on King Koil AFTER I bought the mattress. The reviews werent good and I started to think that I made a bad choice. It’s been 6 months since I bought my King Koil and I havent had ANY problems. It’s so comfortable, my kids come and lay and watch movies with me and fall right to sleep. In the mornings I dont even want to get up because I’m so comfortable. Theres no sink holes or dents. I just recently rotated the mattress to ensure a even layout. I wanted to come back and leave my review on this product. Hopefully it will help someone else.

  23. Lynne says:

    I bought my King Koil Night Rain bed in June 03 and for all these years thought I had the best bed ever!! However, about three years ago I started having alot of back pain, hip, neck and all over joint pain. I’ve been to several doctors and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’ve tried all kinds of meds and recently had to leave my job because I was in pain all the time…. My sleep over the last two years has been very difficult,.. tossing and turning constantly. Every day I wake up in pain and I could not figure out what was causing it. Recently, I stayed over a friends house and when I woke up in the morining I could not believe I had no pain. I even stayed at a hotel and felt better waking up than in my own bed. I did a search on my $2000 mattress and discovered that others have experienced the same issues. My mattress is caving in and I cannot imagine it would be comfortable for anyone. It has no stains or marks on it, but after reading so many reviews, I don’t think I have chance getting a replacement under the warrenty. It’s really too bad…I won’t be buying a King Koil ever again!!

  24. JWD says:

    I purchased a King Koil king size ‘Natural Elegance’ all latex mattress/box spring ensemble with a frame with center support for approximately $1500 from Mattress World in Orleans, MA in December of 2009.

    At first it was like sleeping on a cloud but within 4 months I began noticing depressions on both sides of the bed where my wife and I slept and a ‘hump’ in the middle. I turned the bed every month as suggested by the retailer. I bought this particular bed because I have a bad back and need firm support. By 6 months I was tossing and turning at night and waking-up in the morning in pain.

    I returned to Mattress world and explained the problem. I was told “We do not carry that brand anymore and will not assist you with the problem. You will have to contact King Koil directly.”

    I replied that I had not purchased the mattress from King Koil, I purchased it from Mattress World. I was told “Sorry, we are under new ownership and the new owners will not honor anything having to do with King Koil products.

    I contacted King Koil about the issue and was informed that;
    1)- I would have to pay for a representative from their company to come and look at the mattress.
    2)- If the rep found it defective, I would have to pay $$ to have it shipped back to the factory in CT.
    3)- At their whim they would either “fix it” or replace it. (How do you ‘fix’ an all foam mattress?, and replace it with what, another persons defective mattress?)
    4) I would have to pay the return shipping cost.
    5)- Hope I wouldn’t have to repeat the same procedure in a year.

    Meanwhile, where were my wife and I supposed to sleep during all of this???? On the floor?

    The upshot of all this is
    1)- NEVER buy a mattress from MATTRESS WORLD, they are a total rip-off, find a local and reputable retailer, and
    2)- read lots of reviews on the mattress you are considering before you purchase it.

  25. Dan says:

    We must be very lucky. We bought or mattresses in Dubai some 10 years ago when we were living out there and are very happy with what we bought. We prefer firm mattress and haven’t found anything in UK anything as good as our king Koil.

  26. Richard says:

    My wife and I have been sleeping on the King Koil Orchid latex mattress for the past few years. At first, it was divine. Now, there is a ridge that transverses the middle of the bed and causes whomever lies on it to wake up in pain. We now have to stay on our respective sides throughout the night, and cannot sleep touching each other. For a $3k mattress, this is deplorable.

  27. Robin H says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS! I purchased the $700 mattress a month ago. I had read all the bad reviews, but thought maybe I would have good luck and since I only weigh 125 pds didn’t think that I could cause a mattress to dip or sag. Well, I never thought about ROOMS TO GO delivering a defective mattress! A representative from Rooms to Go came out and confirmed that my mattress had a 1 1/4 dip in it. Due to my bad neck, the mattress had caused me pain ever since I received it. BTW, my previous mattress and hotel mattresses (holiday inn) never cause me pain. Even if I didn’t have a neck issue, sinking into the mattress is uncomfortable. King Koil will not replace the mattress because the dip has to be over 1 3/4. Something that the sales person at Rooms To Go didn’t tell me. I was told that if my mattress became defective, as long as I had a rooms to go mattress protector on the mattress, the mattress would be exchanged. The mattress had a 10 yr warranty. The sales person didn’t tell me that King Koil had to approve this and the defect had to be more than 1 3/4.

  28. Clayton says:

    I get the feeling the comments here that are combative to negative complaints are written either by King Koil or someone who is paid by them. My wife and I bought a King Koil Ultimate Indulgance foam matress set from Art Van LAST WEEK. We’ve slept on it for four night and we hate it. We tested every foam bed in the store before deciding on this one, which was soft and very comfortable. At the store, this matress had no pressure points. The first night and every night so far we have slept worse than we did with our old spring matress that had the sink hole in the middle! This King Koil matress is like sleeping on a rock with a cushy pad on it. Our backs hurt, our sides hurt and my arms fall asleep. I may as well be sleeping on the floor. We had 30 days “to sleep on it”. Then it costs us $200 for a restocking fee if we return it. Also, we were told we’d get 10% off of the $2,000 price from Art Van because of a special sale. We didn’t, and when we noticed it they wouldn’t give it to us. We were told plain and simple we would get an additional 10% off, and they backed out of that deal as soon as we handed them our credit information to open an Art Van credit card. So DO NOT BUY KING KOIL, and BE CAREFULL WITH ART VAN STORES!

  29. Randy says:

    I bought a King Koil, it lasted about a month before I got huge sags. less then a year later I’m laying in a rut with it’s springs in my side. I’ve contacted the corporate office 14 times with out any calls or emails back. Great company and mattress? I think not. I am actually handing my stuff over to the attorney general.

  30. Cathy says:

    We purchased a new King Koil from Slumber World in Port Charloote Fl. in November 2009, did not receive it til December 2009. Shortly after we took delivery we noticed that the mattress was “Sagging”. At that time we called Slumber World and were basically ignored for a couple of months but were sent a form in November 2010 for completion. At that time we completed the form and promptly returned it for service. After several more calls on our part we were finally called Febuary 9, 2011 for a service call. The technician sent by King Koil was an independent who measured the mattress stated the mattress was Sagging 1 and 3/8 inches. This measurement was taken at 820 PM, we had been out of bed since 6 AM that morning, ” TO US” it looked like it was Sagging by 2 inches in the morning. We recieved a call the next morning from a rep from King Koil and was informed that the mattress was not defective to them. We are tired of being jerked around and Simply Want A Replacement under our 10 year warranty.Exactly what YOU would want. Still Waitng…….
    Catherine Rainville

  31. cg says:

    2-1/2 years ago I bought a Laura Ashley pillow top mattress and after the 1st year it was sagging in the middle. I called the manager at the store to complain and he said there is a warranty and he would have someone come out to look at it. In reading the warranty it mentions the sag hole has to be depressed 3″ before replacing. I didn’t think the extra pounds I put on, I weigh 133, did this to the mattress. I had a Sealy flipable for over 10 years when I began to have back aches realized I needed a new mattress. Today I toss and turn and have the most severe back ache I ever had with this Laura Ashley mattress. I hate it and I will get a replacement and it won’t be a Laura Ashley King Coil either!

  32. Karen says:

    This is my third post about the king koil. I am getting rid of it this week. I am not getting a goods night rest AT ALL. I am waking up in the middle of the night and find myself crawling out of the pit were the mattress sagged. I paid $1099 for a King size mattress. I am not going to bother going to Rooms to go or King Koil for a refund or replacement. I am going to another mattress place and have them hall the king koil away.

  33. Laura says:

    My husband and I bought a new king koil spine support renaissance mattress and box springs, and it is absolutely the worst bed I have ever had! I initially thought there was something wrong with the frame, so we spent alot of time and money completely reinforcing the frame, only to figure out it was the defective quality of the mattress causing the problem. To those that have posted how perfect their king koil is & the rest of us are fools, it is all yours! Come by any time and pick it up.

    I have never had this many back problems.. There should be stronger regulations for a product that is so critical to your health and well-being.

    I will forever advise against buying this brand name. Clearly they’ve had complaints for years, but have not fixed the problem & still continue to sell it. Shame on you.

  34. Carol says:

    tLaura couldn’t you have returned it?

  35. Marissa Colby says:

    It’s terrible that you have all had such bad experiences. That is why it is so important to do your research and to protect your investment. After some serious shopping around when I was buying my new mattress, I found that Sleepy’s had an amazing site offering a wide variety of mattresses at great prices, as well as a great deal of information on everything they offer. While I do work with them, they have honestly helped me to find the right bed for myself, as well as everyone else in my family. In addition, they offer fast home delivery and set up, as well as offering a chance to exchange your mattress if you decide you aren’t happy with it. With the customer service I found there, I would definitely recommend checking them out.

  36. Debbie in MD says:

    It doesn’t matter what brand of mattress you buy nowadays. They all sag after a few months. I think the mattress that you try in the store is specially made for the store demo and the ones they deliver are inferior. Consider this, many people lay on the mattresses in the store and they don’t seem to have any sags or ridges. My mother has a $2000 Sealy Origins Queen size that is only 5 months old now and after 2 months it started sagging to the point that my mother fell out of bed twice because the sides of the bed have no support. There is a ridge down the middle of the mattress which is so high that you can’t even roll toward the center of the bed. Mattress Discounters measured the the bed with no one on it and said it does not have enough of an impression and that they can reinspect in 90 days. I can’t have my mother sleep like this another night. It took one month to have someone come out to inspect it and that was one month my mother didn’t sleep. I can’t sleep worrying about it. I took pictures of me at 115 pounds laying on the mattress and I vow to fight to get some kind of restitution if it takes me 10 years. I had to go out and buy a mattress for my mother to sleep on. She is 83 and may not be around by the time Mattress Discounters decides to do something about the mattress.

  37. Mario says:

    I bought a latex king size mattress and it was good until summer. It got very soft and uncomfortable, I complained about it, but the store told me it was normal. I want to get rid of it and regret all the money I paid for it.

  38. Patrick says:

    After just 6 months our expensive king size King Koil is sagging on both sides of the bed. My wife has terrible back pains every morning and now insists we get rid of this monster and buy a decent mattress. This was not a cheap mattress and actually replaced another less expensive King Koil which sagged after only 1 month. City Furniture is the worst to deal with as far as returns go.

  39. Nichole says:

    I purchased a King Koil, Laurie Ashley at the end of February of this year. Before I purchased the set, I had been sleeping on the sofa for sometime, which really caused problems with my back. Once I began sleeping on my new mattress, I noticed that my back began to hurt more. I figured because I had been sleeping on my sofa for sometime that my mattress was trying to correct what the sofa ruined.

    When I layed on the set in the local Art Van store here in MI, the mattress was very plush and bouncy; I absolutely loved it! The salesman could not sell me on anything else once I tested it out. However, once the set was home, I had a hard time believing that it was the same type of mattress. I really thought it was a firm. There is no plush, and no bounce whatsoever. I was going to test it out for the 30 days allowed. If the comfort levels had not changed, I was going to return it for something different. I allowed my mattress to air out on the bed without plastic for two days before I put the waterproof protector on it. Well, my young child came into my room and wasted a little apple juice on it, which now voids out the warranty. How unlucky, right?

    Well, it’s been 3 months, and every now and then I still have a little pain in my back, but I’m not tossing and turning like I had when I first purchased the set. It’s a pillow top- no flip, so I have to rotate it every month as it has been directed. At this time, other than the set really not being a “plush” style, I do not have any problems with the craftsmanship.

    I will provide an update in 3 months.

  40. We purchased our King Koil king size mattress Jan,2010. Checked many mattresses and websites. Since we have been married 63 yrs and have had several mattresses in our life we wanted one that would last us and help our back. King Koil was the worst mattress we have had. We do not have a lot of money and wanted something that would last. We were not given the warrenty when we looked at the mattress. In just a few months it started to sag. We had a large mound in the center. We could only lay in one spot and our backs were worst than ever. We went back to the company we had purchased the mattress from and he said we would have to contact the company and gave us forms to fill out and then gave us a copy of the information about sagging and etc. We have rotated the mattress as suggested but it didn’t seem to help, only get worst.
    Seeing the form was to be sent to Dixie Redding Co. Miami,Fl with $65.00 and someone would come out and measure the sagging.
    I decided to call the King Koil company and see why I had to contact another mattress company. After two calls in which they did not call back, I finally talked to someone and they said Dixie Bedding Co made the mattress and they did not stand behind the work. I called Dixie Bedding and was told until they received the form and $65.00
    they would do nothing and if the sagging was not over 2″, it would not be considered defective. We measured the sag when we were laying on it and it was 5″, but came up to about l 3/4 when we were not laying down. We decided not to throw good money after bad
    and to just never buy a King Koil again. One of our bad investments. We have now had our son help us turn the mattress completely over and brought a 3″ menory foam topper ,and it is a better mattress than we had, until we can afford to buy a good mattress BUYER BEWARE.

  41. Wanda says:

    I am on my second Laura Ashley King Koil. I purchased the first one from a local furniture store in April 2009. I complained and complained to the furnitlure company and received a second mattress on 4/23/10. The same thing happened to the second mattress as the first one. A large sink hole on the side I slept on. Well, here it is June 2011 and I had to go out and purchase a new mattress from a different dealer. I would be ashamed to sell this product to anyone. Having the same thing happen to the second mattress as to the first mattress, I would never recommend this product to anyone. I had such backaches and couldn’t stay asleep at night. So much for the 15 year guarantee. Lets put them out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. mary says:

    we bought a king koil plush, pocket coil, pillow top – the works ($1800). We hated it from day one. Becareful of pocket coiled mattresses as they are a very soft design and the pillow top makes it even softer, so we sunk into it. In one month there were huge indentations and it was very, hot. For the first time in my life I woke up with night sweats. Two years later I am getting lower back pain in the mornings and I am off to buy a Sealy with NORMAL springs – No pocket coils (cheaper). The fact that you cannot flip mattresses these days makes them age quicker. I am not old nor fat, nor unhealthy. We have had an expensive lesson: The pocket coils and more plush/ pillow tops a bed has, the more expensive it is, the softer and hotter it is. Unfortunately you need one or two nights sleep to try a mattress out, not half an hour in a store. Maybe it is not king koil that is at fault, maybe we just chose incorrectly , but I am staying away from king koil all the same.

  43. Grace says:

    We purchased a Laura Ashley queen set and LOVE IT!

  44. David Wright says:

    I bought a King Koil Spinal Gaurd 8 years ago and love it. End of sleepless nights . Thank You King Koil for making such a fine mattress

  45. CLara says:

    Any experience with King Koil Spinecare Medium Mattress? I just bough it..but reading your review I’m getting scared!

  46. Annette says:

    I’m like u…I just purchased a queen set of King Koil Spinal Support Pillowtop Mattresses…and I’m scared & undecided..

  47. Laura says:

    Now I’m really worried. I bought a King Coil from Art Van 11/25/11 which means I’ve only had the bed for two months. There is a definate sag in the middle of my bed. I am not a large person and this is not acceptabe. I will be calling Art Van tomorrow. I also purchase the mattress pad they said I had to have to make my warranty valid so we’ll see???

  48. Ann says:

    I learned about 10 years ago after purchasing a bedding set cant remember the name but bought it at Big Lots Bedding can be returned for refund ( possibly prorated) bedding can not have stains as it voids warranty Luckily ours had no stains I was refunded and used the money to purchase another set memory foam this time after 2-3 years there was hump in the middle it did have a cover but had 2 small stains we gave it away

    I purchased a King Koil set which I LOVE shortly after I noticed a small unsewn area on side top I contacted store I bought I had to take pictures plus my receipt and tags They submitted to manufacturer It was replaced but with another style
    extremely firm ( did not like) then that set was replaced with original type purchased

    My advice is to use a mattress cover to prevent stains do not remove tags take a picture of them and store them with your receipt just encase you need a replacement most bedding is warranted for 5 to 25 years When bedding is delivered check it before delivery persons leave, make sure you receive the items purchased and make sure there are no stains or discoloration or signs of wear
    ( tears, cuts or unsewn areas) also check foundation underside sometimes wooden braces can be broken or break during shipping A friend received 2 foundations with broken braces (original and replacement)

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