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Does iMattress Offer the Coziest Slumber?

Be it whatsoever, comfort cannot be compromised when it comes to taking a nap. No matter what type of a bed you choose to lie down, it’s the mattress that always determines your quality of sleep. However, different people have different health complications owing to which doctors restrict them to sleep on mattresses that can soothe their back. Although there are diverse mattresses to choose, you must always prefer choosing one that would not only ensure a good night’s sleep but also keep you cozy and free of body aches. One such mattress built with new technology with the objective to let you sleep with no complications is iMattress.

Today, there are lots of manufacturers who are coming up with mattresses of high technology. For instance, there are models equipped with iFusion technology along with the extra benefit of a customized sleeping surface set by an optimal temperature. Rather, they now come with almost all the qualities of memory foam mattress in terms of comfort, pressure relief, and motion isolation. But what makes these advanced mattresses stand out is their cooling quality that would ensure absolute comfort for the user. There are also beds that have been made with gel infused memory foam allowing it to become 12 times more breathable in comparison to having only memory foam.

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What’s best about gel-based memory foam mattresses

  • They provide better support, up to forty percent

  • Have better heat conductivity, up to thirty percent

  • Have stay fresh technology

With Stay Fresh technology, these new age mattresses will leave no chemical smell related to memory foam. Moreover, it sustains long hours of freshness and also does not absorb any sort of unpleasant smell. Apart from these, iMattresses are absolutely hypoallergenic with all materials that are non-toxic.

Imagine the level of uneasiness you may face while lying down on an ordinary mattress that may ooze heat, thereby leaving you with unpleasant hours. Ensuring complete airflow throughout its design, products from this brand will keep you away from the heat that will not come in contact with your body. As a result, there will be a significant increase in air exchange. These modern mattresses can also be adjusted to various sizes as per one’s convenience. One can adjust it to King, Queen, Full and even Twin sizes. According to the sleeping surface, one requires, one’s comfort needs will be surely met. So now matter how hectic your day has been, when you lie down on one of these, you are bound to forget all your weariness.

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iMattress Features

  • The solid support that can be absolutely compatible with your body.

  • Natural pressure points that can assure as well as enhance one’s comfort throughout the night.

  • The support that would relieve pressure with the aim to perfectly eliminate the discomfort of turning and tossing.

  • Minimized motion disturbance would let one enjoy a restful sleep. Even if his/her partner keeps moving and shifting to and from the bed throughout the night, the other one will still enjoy a peaceful slumber.

  • The presence of advanced gel cells in the memory foam will let you have the coziest of slumbers you had ever imagined. This would take away all the heat from the body so that you can spend a cool and comfortable night with no worries of sleeping.

  • Sleeping surface as mentioned earlier would always be greater on iMattresses. In fact, there would be additional ten percent usable space so that one can enjoy taking considerable space for sleeping.

According to a reputed company president, the quality time that has been invested in making such amazing mattresses has resulted in the emergence of safe sleeping solution that will give one the coolest slumbers one had always craved for. They, in other words, have incredible features coupled with reasonable pricing that will allure a lot of homeowners to buy. Moreover, these mattresses come with high-density Slotex that makes them hypoallergenic and perfect for body support.

What distinguishes this type of bed from others is its ‘I’ fabric in dots. It looks quite stylish and usually comes with foot protectors that strengthen its support to a good extent. Furthermore, iMattress line by King Koil has three series under it, namely G Series, Xs Series and G Series Premium.

  • G Series – All cooler memory foam mattresses belong to the G Series. They are all gel infused to bring relief to the user from all pressure points. In this process, the users will stay cool and cozy. Additionally, the advanced G-series makes use of latex foam to ensure better compatibility. One of the most popular models is G6.

  • Xs Series – The mattresses under this category are what can be called a hybrid, that is, a mixture of specialty foam and a part of innerspring. The mattresses have motion reduction that eliminates the disturbance of one sleeping partner to the other. Those that are under Xs Series also have zoned support, that is, they can minimize pressure point. What’s unique about these mattresses is that these are enclosed in five zones. This is not only for reducing motion transfer but also for assuring comfort to various parts of the body.

  • G series premium – It has additional layers of foam. Moreover, they comprise gel-infused latex that plays a key role in augmenting the air flow while lessening the pressure. G Series premium series makes use of Slotex. The same is used for mattresses belonging to Xs series models and high-end models of the G series.

Besides, items belonging to the G series are all characterized by Hydra Performa fibers. This helps to dry in quick time in comparison to typical mattresses. Moreover, they retain their durability and softness that make them worth lying on. So if you are going to buy a mattress, iMattress can be the best bet for you in terms of relaxation and that too for long hours. You can even buy one in terms of your preferred series, color, patterns and style.

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