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Hypnos Mattress – Hampton Court Collection

Get ready to be blown away by the features of the Hypnos Hampton Court Mattress Collection, in case you never heard of that brand earlier. For a start, how you do like being informed that this is the series patronized by the royals of England. Yes! You may have one of these super luxurious beds for your personal use. By merely looking at these beds you will hardly notice any difference from other beds as they do not incorporate any high tech features or materials. Yet, they remain the most expensive, worth tens of thousands of dollars each.

All over the world it is claimed that the Hypnos mattresses featured in this collection are the best that money can buy; and there is little doubt that among the most highly priced brands they are the best. Of course there is a second line of most expensive mattresses that offer many of the great features, with a shade or two of differences, at a considerably lower price. These make a good choice for those wanting to pamper themselves a bit without burning a big hole in their pockets.

The most fascinating feature of the Hypnos mattress is that they are hand tufted and hand sewn using some of the most luxurious materials. It’s very common feature of the better priced mattresses to use high quality cotton and memory foam, but Hypnos takes you to the next higher level by including materials like cashmere, cashgora, lamb’s wool and pure silk in these beds. It’s indeed a striking experience to relax in a bed comprising of such exotic fabrics and fibers. Nothing comes on your way to comfort as they certainly provide the needed support and luxury often experienced by kings and queens only. These beds are perfect examples of the proverbial saying “using only the best delivers the best”.

This collection of beds is designed to provide luxurious comfort and the beds are hand-tied in the middle is such a fashion that the movement of one of the partners doesn’t bother the other partner at the other end. They are provided with more number of springs that are sheathed independently and offer a longer life.

Let’s accept the truth that a majority of the people doesn’t afford to have a bed from the Hypnos Hampton Court Mattress Collection, even if it is rated as the best that one can buy. It’s good to know that excellent choice is offered by the other not so expensive brands like: Stearns & Foster, Chattam Wells and Aireloom mattresses.


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