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How To Soften Your Firm Mattress

Many people don’t like the idea of sleeping on a firm mattress. They think they deserve a soft and comfortable bed that induces sound sleep and sweet dreams at the end of a hard day. If you also happen to be in that category of people, here are some ways to transform your firm bed to a soft one. We’ll start with the cheapest option and then explore the expensive ones.

Egg Crates

The most economical way to soften your bed is to incorporate egg crates therein. They really work fine, being made from foam that provides an excellent cushioning effect for your body. You won’t find any cheaper way to soften your bed. You can procure one for $20 from Wal-Mart. The price varies with the thickness. The more the thickness, the more is the price. Simply put it on your bed, provide sheets for covering it and your soft bed is ready.

Feather Beds

This is another great option. As the name suggest, this kind of bed is made using bird down with bigger feathers that make your bed very fluffy. In this case, the price varies a lot. You may procure one for just $ 70 from any Bed Bath & Beyond store, but if your budget allows, you can get a Charter Club feather bed from Macy’s for about $400!

When looking for a feather bed, you need to keep a few things in mind. One is the percentage of down the feather that the bed contains. Such beds should have a big percentage of down. The more this percentage, the less is the volume of bigger feathers. This bigger variety of feathers can be quite brittle and pushes itself out from the fabric and pricks you up just when you might be feeling sleepy. Another feature to be considered is the fluffiness or thickness of such a bed. The bed gets a bit compressed due the weight of its occupier. Of course, you can fluff it back and a good quality feather bed would retain its shape for long if fluffed periodically in an appropriate manner. The cheaper variety, on the other hand, won’t last for long and becomes very flat in a few months.

Memory Foam

This latest stuff was originally developed for astronauts for use at the time of taking off. Memory foam is derived from polyurethane which is chemically treated to make it dense. It adjusts itself as per the temperature of the surroundings, meaning it becomes soft in warmer areas and gets hard when it’s in cooler areas. Because of its high density, it is quite heavy but very supportive also because of the same reason.
Memory foam is quite different from feather beds in the sense that you don’t get many varieties of this, though some are slightly softer than the others. So, there are no issues like down percentage to be considered. The main feature to be considered while looking for a memory foam topper is its thickness. The more the thickness of the memory foam, the more is the support it can offer. The price of a half inch thick memory foam topper is about $110, whereas a full mattress costs close to $800. You get it in varying thicknesses of half an inch increment.
It’s worth investing in a memory foam mattress as it is known to last for a significantly long time without losing its shape.


Well, you can also have the best of both the worlds. You may combine a feather bed with a memory foam topper. A half inch topper forms the base that is topped with feathers. The former offers the hugging support while the latter gives a pillow like feel. This arrangement works out very economical and lasts fairly long. You may find it worthwhile to look for these products on eBay or Overstock.

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