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Ergoflex Mattress – Memory Faom Review

For quite sometime now Ergoflex has earned the reputation as a manufacturer of one of the best memory foam providers with products that offer good value for your money. The company claims to offer the experiences of using high quality foam at affordable prices.

Opening and Installation

The Ergoflex is delivered as vacuum packed and the first impression that you get is that of an extraordinarily small box, almost cylindrical in shape, but as you open it up, it assumes it full dimensions and agreeably heavy weight in a matter of about an hour.

It will not be wrong to categorize the Ergoflex as ‘medium to hard’ as it is certainly not among the very rigid foams that we have known, but at the same time it’s a lot more supportive than many of the softer verities available in the present market today. To some extent this firmness facilitates body-shaping without getting in way of movements or giving a ‘spongy’ feeling. Now, that feature is often missing in many of the softer varieties.

Sleeping on an Ergoflex

Having slept on it for one night, we realized that the performance of memory foam provided by Ergoflex was first class. It offered uniform support to body, particularly the lower back and other main pressure points like shoulders and hips. It didn’t take long to get a relaxed position for sleeping and getting up the next morning brought a feeling of well rested. Now, that’s not bad as a first night’s experience on a new mattress!

One often comes across the common complaint associated with the use of memory foam mattresses that they tend to get overheated while one is sleeping. Ergoflex could successfully overcome that limitation by including a “cool sleep airflow system’ in their mattresses. That description may sound to be a bit too technical, but as a matter of fact it’s just a layer of corrugated material, which keeps the mattress ventilated. It works really well! Well, the mattress does get a bit warmer than an average traditional pocket-spring type, but it doesn’t reach the level of being uncomfortable and compares very well against many of the cheaper or even more expensive options that one gets.

Ergoflex vs Tempur

You may want to know how the Ergoflex measures against Tempur! Normally, we don’t like to make such comparisons, but considering the claims that Ergoflex makes for marketing of its products and being aware that some of you might have plans to buy a new mattress, here are our observations:

As far as the performance of memory foam is concerned we would say that Tempur has a slight edge here, though the difference is not very significant. Deluxe from Tempur is a bit softer, whereas the Original is somewhat firmer, so the Ergoflex mattress falls in the middle and that may prove to be of benefit for many users. Though Ergoflex compares its products feature-by-feature with Tempur, we would sum up by saying that the differences are very nominal with a lot many similarities. However, considering the steep difference in prices of the two, we would not hesitate to recommend the Ergoflex bed.


  1. Janice says:

    I just want to speak out for memory foam mattresses. My husband and I finally gave up our double bed and just finished shopping for a Queen mattress. We ended up purchasing a memory foam mattress and we love it. There was an odor at first, but that was gone in a couple of days. We gave up our box spring and placed the mattress on a platform bed. We’ve never slept better. I don’t wake up stiff and achy anymore. Why didn’t we do it sooner?

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