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Is Englander Mattress A Reliable Choice?

In case you already decided for an Englander mattress, you made the right choice. All of you who are considering buying a bed from this brand, you should definitely get a closer look to see what suits your preferences best. It’s not easy to pick a new sleeping surface, since we are very sensitive to the firmness level. And the good thing about this brand mattress is that you can choose between several different levels of comfort, or should I say level of firmness.

There are several popular mattress companies out there and Englander is not one of them. Sealy and Simmons are leaders in the market and have the biggest number of sales. this allows them to make their products even more popular via advertising. This also means that they have a lot more options when it comes to research and new products. You won’t find other brand making so many different models and offering so many features in their beds. This has its value for sure. It leaves other companies at the side, sicne they can’t offer high quality mattresses to compete with them.

Materials Used In Englander Beds

englander bed

The truth is, most brands use the same materials, from the same suppliers. But how they are going to use them and connect them is the real skill. Englander does this in a good way and is making good quality beds. And since they do not spend a lot of money on promotion, their prices are lower, much lower than competition. It’s something that makes them very interesting solution and raises the value of these mattresses. They may not be the superb quality products, but you have to take price into calculation. And since you can save a lot of money by choosing this brand, they are a good choice to make. Do not leave them out of the equation.

And I have to say they do not make only innerspring mattresses, you can find great latex model, called Nature’s Finest. It’s made with 100% natural latex that is resistant to mold and mildew, dust mites and will not sag in near future. The ability of latex to retain its original shape is what makes it so great for a bed. And the fact that no chemicals are used and the mattress does not get hot like memory foam that make it a great choice. Since the price of Nature’s Finest is very affordable, I suggest you check it out if you are looking for something better for your bedroom.

Innerspring Models

englander mattress

When traditional innerspring comes into play, collection called Tension Ease is what you are going to deal with. The coils installed here are individually wrapped and are made out of tempered steel. It’s a good combination that offers good support and will last for a long time. You can choose 3 different firmness levels, which is a great thing for all those who like extra soft or extra firm mattress.

Englander memory mattress is called Synergy, because it uses a bit of latex too. It’s a great combination of materials since the support is there and the durability is present due to latex base. It’s a fantastic combination and it shows that Englander is serious about making some great products. There are not many companies who offer something like this and I think it will be a great future for this brand. In case they continue with innovations, they will definitely be closer to the top.

Another good combo is a innerspring and memory foam, it’s a mattress that will provide good support from the coils and comfort from the foam. Stearns And Foster has this combination too, but they are a lot more expensive.

Englander may not be the best mattress company out there, but they have some great models and good prices. this puts them on a good place, since the value they offers is worth considering. There are many satisfied consumers and you can find their reviews and ratings all over the internet. Of course, there will always be some people who are not satisfied with their bed, but they are only counted in 2%. You will see that all these reviews and ratings are made by people who are criticizing, others who enjoy their purchase do not feel like talking about it.

And this is why I suggest that you try out the mattress yourself. Its important that it suits your preferences and that it can provide a good support for your body. Then the brand and price are not that important anymore. I think we can all agree on this.


There have been a lot of comments on this blog, especially on this post. It seems there is a large number of folks that aren’t satisfied with their Englander purchase. I understand that you are not in the mood to talk about your current mattress, but I have to ask you to be more detailed with your complains and user experiences. This will greatly help all the other people who want to purchase the same product.

I think we can all benefit from this. When there are more details and more user experiences on the certain mattress, we will be able to recognize what that product offers to the consumer and decide whether to purchase it or not. I know that the readers of this blog are satisfied when they can learn something new here and this is why it would be great to state what model you bought – so we can all know what you’re talking about. There are many beds on the market, I would say too many, and this is a tactic the brands are using to confuse the buyers.

For example, if there is a mattress with certain features that is priced at $1,000, there will definitely be another two models that will cost $900 and $1,100. Each of these models are made to catch the consumer that is ready to spend certain amount of money. So now you have a bed that is called completely different than the one next to him, but the difference is minimal. The one priced at $900 lacks a foam at the top, for example, while the model priced at $1,100 has additional layer that will help your lower back. These are the little details you “have” to watch for if you want the best value for your money.

So, once again, whether you are praising the product or complaining about its features or low value, state the model you bought, where you bought it and at what price. Many people here will be thankful for your review and will have better chance in finding the right Englander bed for their needs.










  1. JJ&DG says:

    we would NOT recommend a Englander bed. We only had it f0r 3-4 years and got a 2″ dip in the mattress. Fowhand would not replace this mattress, altho it has a 10 year garantea. She told us it never needs turning etc. It is NOT a good bed for the money. We paid over 1000.-$ for this mattress. Never again. Consider yourself warned..
    Purchased in PC, Fl

  2. Shawn says:

    JJ&DG Unfortunatley you bought a one sided no flip mattress. No Brand of mattress is going to be good. If you want your moneys worth you need to seek out a dealer with 2 sided mattresses. Read a review here. We are being conned by the mattress industry http://bedroomsandmore.com/blog/two-sided-mattresses-seattle-press-release/

  3. Brett says:

    One responder says they paid over $1000 and indicated they thought this was expensive. They conclude with ‘Never again.’
    What else do they have in mind?
    The shopping I’ve done suggests that prices start a little below $1000 and go up to about $5000.
    With this in mind, I would put a $1000 mattress in the ‘economy’ category. This is not a bad thing. Hopefully it’s a good value for the money, but it’s not a $5000 mattress.

  4. Mario says:

    I want to know who was able to convince Brett that it was reasonable to pay anything over $350.00 for a good and comfortable mattress. And if he really believes that he “would put a $1000 mattress in the ‘economy’ category”, I would love to come in contact with people of his mindset because I’d be rich in a short time. It’s thinking like his that is responsible for the runaway prices that we are exposed to today. Keep in mind the low tech. simple processes and the costs of the very basic materials involved in the production of these items. The manufacturers would like you to believe that this is all rocket science. They charge what they charge just because they can, and that you will pay it.
    I can’t just blame the consumer though because many of them actually try to do prudent comparison shopping and find it futile. Why in the age of the Internet is this so? Because vendors don’t like an intelligent and informed consumer. They’d prefer that you take the information that they give you as the absolute Truth. They have done a very sneaky thing to prevent you from comparison shopping and here’s how it goes: The Manufacturer has his line of products with the various model names or numbers and sells to the retailer. Now the retailer takes those products, gives them new and unique names or model numbers and presents them to the consumer at their desired selling price. So now the consumer tries to compare one retailers merchandise to another’s only to find that they don’t carry the same merchandise, when in fact they carry the identical products, they have just been masked under a different model name or number. You now buy from the most convincing Salesperson thinking (hoping) you got a great deal.
    You Lose, They Win.


  5. Sherry says:

    I bought one of those one sided mattresses, and within two months it was saging in the middle. Mario is right about the name game they play with mattresses. What if they tried to do that with cars, if a Camery had a different name depending on who was selling it? So how come they get away with it with mattresses One sided mattress’s are just another way for the industry to trick the customer. It cost them less to make, but they charge us more to buy an inferior product.

  6. Bobby says:

    We purchased an Englander mattress from Jeff & Tony at The Mattress Connection, at 18521 Hawthorne Blvd. Torrance CA. 90504 last week. The mattress they delivered, though it had the same tags in general as the one in the store, had nothing similar in feel of the one we had tried and paid for. They have refused to give our money back. I have asked to return the mattress, and today will stop by and ask for the return on my old mattress. My Old mattress was more comfortable than the so called Englander, or Connection Plush as Jeff and Tony have renamed it. The mattress on the sales floor felt like we were getting a mattress for $500 under the listed price, the mattress delivered feels like it would be a rip-off at $300.
    Either Jeff and Tony should be aware of what Englander is actually producing, or Englander should not deal with con artist.
    We were told a series of things about the mattress that were not true, and believe that either Englander does not make a consistent product, or the people that sold it to us have pulled a “bait and switch”.
    Whatever, we are very dissatisfied, and would advise that when your mattress is delivered, lay on and go back to the store to make sure it is the same mattress. And do not let them take your old mattress away, until you are sure. Only sign the papers when you are absolutely you have received the proper product.
    We will continue the fight and keep you informed.

  7. Jenny says:

    DON’T BUY!! CAN’T RETURN!! After only a few months we have 3 ” dip in middle of the bed!! You can tell even when the bed is made.. It is the worst bed I have ever slept on and I terribly regret the purchase.

  8. Kimmy Gusto says:

    We purchased our Englander mattress 3.5 years ago and it is as perfect as the day it was delivered. It is a one sider and has absolutely no lumps or sagging.

    It is supremely comfortable and we are very happy with our investment.

  9. jeff sanborne says:


    englander mattresses are decent. I bought a new castle and am very happy with it. It does come with a 10 year warranty so if you really have a 3 inch sag, the manufacturer will stand behind it.

  10. jeff sanborne says:

    forgot to mettion,that i went in to buy a sealy sor simmons and came out with an englander. the brands names are great but you have to compare model to model so you’re comparing apples to apples. the same priced sealy didn’t hold a candle to the englander.

  11. New York City Limousine says:

    this is really a great site. i’m going to show this to my family.

  12. Michelle L says:

    The Service provided by this company is really bad even in Singapore. We have lodged a complain that there’s a 5inch gap between the head board and the mattress, it’s been 2 weeks and still have not heard from them. On top of that there were black obvious black marks on both sides of the mattress. On top of that even after providing the required leadtime for delivery our mattress didn’t arrive until weeks later. After it arrived, we found our mattress is damaged. For 2 weeks, we still have NOT received any feedback from the company. I am now tempted to think of going to the small claims. I would recommend nobody to purchase any product from this company.

  13. Great post! This mattress looks very comfortable indeed.
    Latex 100% naturel is so eco friendly that it is a good thing to promote it, no matter the brand.
    What is important is the comfort and the labels!

  14. Debbs1970 says:

    I bought my first Englander in September 1995. I am replacing it with my new Englander Wildwood Point tomorrow, Dec 10, 2010. There was no question in my mind after 15 years of comfort on the first one that the budget friendly prices of Englander really do deliver a quality product without having to pay for national advertising. The set I bought was $999. The most inexpensive National Branded mattress that equalled the comfort of this one was $1799. Oh! The old set? Sending it with them to dispose of? NO WAY – it is still a great mattress that is very comfortable and it is going into the guest room. And yes, it is impossible to price shop mattresses like you do cars or furniture or any other branded item. They change the material and name when it is offered by another chain retailer. Nobody price shops better than I do…I got a black belt in shopping and I sell cars for a living, so its payback time when I need to negotiate cost, but buying a mattress this time was more difficult than buying the home to put it into! Just set your budget, and take the day, the whole day and comparison feel every mattress that fits your budget. And don’t feel bad to negotiate, if nothing more, go after no charge delivery, mattress cover pad and they pay sales tax.

  15. I’m trying to find an Englander in 23456 area code.
    Can you help me out?

  16. Theresa says:

    This was the biggest mattress buying mistake I have ever made. We have a large dip in the middle of the mattress they did replace the first one and within a few months the 2nd one had the dip. We sleep horrible on this mattress and the purchase place thinks we are crazy. We spend a lot of money on this mattress for nothings. Englander needs to stand behind their product.

  17. Beverley says:

    I have had my Englander bed for 20 years! It has not sagged until now, but I had a Simmons that sagged after 3 years and had to be refurbished. I understand Englander coils are a thicker gauge, and this has paid off. I am going to look at another Englander now.

  18. Roberta says:

    I have had Englander’s Tension Ease model (one-sided innerspring) for a little over a year now and have been very happy with it. I’m an insomniac by nature, but this mattress has really helped in that department – sleeping much better now.

  19. Laura says:

    We are now sleeping on our second Englander king size mattress in less than 1 1/2 years time. The store we bought from replaced the first, due to excessive sagging, this second one broke down almost immediately with not only sagging but bulging frame out the side. (A member of the store staff will visit this week to look at the problem, again). It is VERY poorly made and will try to get our money’s back at this point as we do NOT want another Englander. These were 2 different models, first was a box-top with a couple inches memory foam on top and this second one is an innerspring, no flip, 2 strikes and your out in my opinion.

  20. Mark says:

    Englander makes a great mattress. When you buy a new mattress it should be firmer than the one that you tried on a sales floor. This is because the foams are new and the bed needs to be conditioned. Most problems that develop with mattress sets are due to the consumer not putting the proper support underneath the set. Englander is very consistent in the manufacturing of their product and the same models feel the same. When you get a new bed home simply look at the law tag and make sure the model # and name match your sales invoice

  21. Allie says:

    I have had my Englander mattres for about 4 years and the first night I slept on it was the best nights sleep I had got in years and it is still as comfortable as the day I bought it. I love it and would buy another one in a heartbeat.

  22. marti brae says:

    We had to return the first two tries of our Englander due to horrible smell and “mushy” consistency. We have our third. It still smells and the indentations are getting worse. We try to move around and keep the middle used so it won’t have a “hump”, but we’re losing the battle. I’m pretty disappointed. The nice person with a great store recommended this mattress over all others. hmmmm.

  23. ray says:

    I have bought 2 englander beds and both have been extremely comfortable and very affordable. The only reason I bought 2 was because I had to move. Next bed I get will be an englander.

  24. Tany says:

    Ray is probably a rep for Englander; First off I can’t believe anyone would spend more then $400 on an englander being involved in the mattress industry I’ll telling they are the poorest produced mattresses right next to sealy people want to buy cheaper mattresses you’re gonna get a cheaply produced mattress and then about the indentations check your boxsprings you will not believe how many people I’ve tried to make understand that their mattresses aren’t damaged that it’s their boxsprings people want to save money by just purchasing the mattress and using the old boxsprings they had? Hate to break it to you; YOUR MATTRESS WON’T LAST, worst part manufactures won’t gaurentee it for you either! Another tip: Do your research before you purchase your mattress, there’s nothing more annoying then people who do it after and then want to return something USED! Oh and it DOESN’T take you 6 MONTHS TO FIGURE OUT YOU DON’T LIKE YOUR MATTRESS!

  25. Pete says:

    Oh boy where do I start. I’ll start by saying I’ll not buy another Englander. We bought what the seller called a high end mattress Model number 8968 supreme king and box spring and paid $1260.00 for it. It came with a 15 year warranty. 6 months later it had already collapsed. The dealer was not what I would call helpful at all and the manufacturer is all but impossible to get a hold of. When you do she is quite rude. It took 6 months to get it repaired which a month later the same symptoms were showing up again already. I was so frustrated as dealing with them and the BBB, whom I thought and advertise as being helpful were anything but. All these consumer protection proceedures set up for the benefit of the customer are just more bureacratic processes that involve so many people and for nothing. Buyer beware is just as applicable today as it was 50 years ago. Good luck everyone

  26. Dave says:

    I sleep better on the Englander that we bought last year than any other unit in over 50 years . It feels and looks as new as the day it was delivered .

    BTW , I see people dogging the company due to late deliveries and damaged upon delivery . This isn’t something to blame the manufacturer for . The retailer and his sales and delivery crew are to blame . Get straight !

  27. san says:

    i m very lucky , i bought my mattress from Englander more than 3yrs , until today is still look like brand-new , and every night have a goodnight sleep.

  28. Jason says:

    We bought Tension ease orthopedic mattress in January 2011. So far, it served us well. Now I’m looking for another bed for our cabin and am checking out englander again. I’m not sure why are there so many negative reviews, maybe there have been lemon products involved…?

    My problem with lower back has disappeared since I’m using this mattress. Not at once, of course, but after about 3 or 4 months I no longer have sharp pains when I bend or strain the muscles in lower back. I would recommend anyone to try these beds, at least the one that I got – Englander Tension ease mattress.

  29. I Love Latex says:

    I can’t say how much I tried to avoid the so called “big brands”. I knew there has to be a brand that offers quality without a price that will make your wallet run for the hills. I’ve been to Europe with my fiance and we accidentally run into a mattress store. We wanted to check it out since we need a new bed for the apartment we got recently. The prices there are so much lower than in US, it’s unbelievable. We were shocked to find out that the good quality, reputable brands have the same prices in Europe like the lowest quality mattresses in US.

    This is why we decided to go for Englander, they don’t ripp you off like some of the brands. We went for natures finest latex mattress and got a great value for our money. Was it the best choice? Who knows, there are too many models on the market. But, are we satisfied? Yes, very much so! We sleep great, our back and shoulders are pampered while the budget endured this expense with ease.

  30. Again With The Foam says:

    I had a memory foam mattress for almost 15 years. It’s time to change it since the hole in the middle has become a problem for me. It was visible years ago, but I didnt’t mind that as long as I sleep with comfort.

    Looking at what’s out there, its hard to make a right choice. I see all these negative reviews and positive mattress reviews and I’m a bit confused. OK, more than a bit 🙂 I’m looking at viscopedic memory foam mattress and I think it would be the best solution for me since I already used to foam. I know Englander is not the top choice on the market, but my colleague has it and he’s perfectly happy with it. I’m now looking for some positive reviews so I can buy viscopedic without that worrying thought in my head 🙂 If anyone knows anything about this line of Englander mattresses, I would happily read about it!

  31. Undecided says:

    I’m looking at Synergy mattress and can’t figure out why it’s priced so high. Will there be any discount or sales on this model? I like its features and the one I tried at the store is firm enough for me, but I just can’t make myself to pay so much for the mattres. Where can I find discounts and sales on englander synergy?

  32. weight and bed says:

    how tough are posture support plus mattresses by englander? I have weight problems, 240lbs, and am wondering can this bed provide a long term solution for me. the last 2 mattresses i had went downhill in a matter of months and I even got a refund for them. but i cant order a new one 2 times a year so i wanna know is this posture support plus mattress a good solution? i see englander has decent prices so i dont worry about that, i just need to know how resilient it really is…

  33. Kent says:

    Englander is obviously notorious for the deep body impressions based off of all of the reviews I am now reading too late. My matress also suffers from this defect and it began doing so after only a couple of short years. I paid over $2500 for my king-sized set and thought I had made a smart purchase. That is until I tried to deal with Engalnder tio get the mattress warrtied. Forget the 15yr warranty, you don’t actually have a warranty. Englander will find any and every reason under the sun to deny your warranty claim and then they will offer lame suggestions on how to correct the defect that they don’t really have to acknowledge since they denied your waarranty. If you have any small stain at all on the matress – denied! Did you not rotate your matress religiously (you can’t flip it) – denied! I have yet to get an answer from them explaining how rotating a matress one half of a turn solves deep body impressions when two people always occupy the bed and rotating it one half of a turn puts them right back in the same two body impressions, it just changed the side the impressions are on. Anyway, the “VP” who denied the warranty offered two suggestions – 1. rotate the matress 1/4 of a turn once a week for several months in an effort to try to lessen the impressions. This makes more sense than rotating it a half a turn but it causes the matress to hang over the box springs on each side (she stated that it would hardly be noticable – wow, thanks) and if this is what your supposed to do to solve/prevent body impressions, why isn’t this suggested by the manufacturer to begin with? 2. She stated that if the months of weekly rotation did not resolve the body impression concern, she would offer to send me some padding to stuff under the mattress to add more support to these areas of the mattress. WOW! This is the warranty service I get for my over $2500 purchase? No thanks Englander! I’ll take my business to a company that manufacturers a higher quality product and stands behind their warranty claims. Don’t get me wrong, I understand no company is perfect and everybody is probably going to build a lemon here and there. But a company that can’t admit their product is defective and has to find other reasons to deny warranty claims only so that they can shirk their warranty guarantee is not a company to do business with in my opinion. Englander, you have received your last purchase from me.

  34. anonymous says:

    I bought an englander one year ago. After 6 months they had to replace it. It had a 3″ dip in the middle. Very uncomfortable. Now the replacement needs to be replaced 6 months later. Customer service sucks for this company. They do not get in any hurry. My guess is they are hoping you’ll go somewhere else and just go away. I don’t know how these people can stay in business. I would never recommend this company or their matresses.

  35. Mark Robinson says:

    I bought a king ultra plush mattress set about seven years ago and it has really begun to sag and a spring on one side is pushing out the side which has torn open as well. I am working with the dealer to get a warranty replacement as its gauranteed 15 years. No stains, just sags really bad almost three inches. Lets see what happens with Englander mfr. Will let you know in 4 -6 weeks as that is what they say how long it takes for the mfr to respond. Ps I am told the owner of the bed is responsible to ship it back to Englander at my cost. HUUUMMM.

  36. anonymous says:

    Love my Englander. Most comfortable mattress ever. Will definitely buy again.

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