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DUX Bed And Duxiana Mattress – The Best There Is

Duxiana mattresses are possibly the best mattresses made anywhere in the world. The name DUX signifies luxury and not just comfort, since everything about this product is hand made. Those that are not aware of this brand will find this article worthwhile to understand the peculiarities of this bed and what makes it such a good investment in comfort.

There is absolutely no doubt that these mattresses cost a bit more than most of the other brands. But, the durability and the comfort offered by these mattresses more than justifies that increase in cost and prompts one to classify them in the same category as Chattam and Wells. These are expected to last a lifetime of the owner. You may well compare the cost and comfort of this mattress to that of a Cadillac, a perfect combination of luxury and comfort.

It is not justifiable to categorize this mattress as another option of a traditional bed. In fact, the only similarity between this brand and any other bed is the use of inner spring technology. Beyond that there is no other similarity to compare this mattress with any other. As already mentioned, these are designed to last a lifetime of the buyer: such is the quality. They need no replacements as is always the case with other mattresses. It means that its lifetime extends beyond the lifetime of more than two replacements of an ordinary mattress.

It is often commented that this brand is over priced. Well, it’s indeed questionable if one should spend the same amount of money for buying a mattress as for perhaps buying a car. Most of people really can’t afford this. Chattam and Wells Mattresses are not as expensive and may well be considered as good. But, on the other side, the high cost is as a consequence of using the best available raw material that ultimately determines the quality of any product. It may be added here that a good part of the mattress is handmade.

Generally in life you get what you paid for. Once if you recline on a Duxiana, even for a short while, you’ll be able to better appreciate the comfort and an excellent support provided by this brand. It’s no exaggeration to say that you will not realize that there is an inner spring mattress, but for the fact that you are already aware that there is one. A lot of research and engineering has gone into making a bed of such quality that provides a flawless combination of firmness and responsiveness.

As already mentioned, a DUX bed is a piece of luxury for sleeping arrangement. The users comment that the back pains, which were imagined to continue thru their lifetime, have considerable reduced or disappeared altogether in many cases. There is nothing to match the comfort or quality of workmanship of a Duxiana Mattress. People having purchased and used this brand convey to their friends that this is the best bed of their life. A DUX is truly a league unto itself.




  1. Inox says:

    The reason the Dux mattress works so well is that it is supple enough to conform to the shape of your body. The reason it breaks so easily is that springs that can instantly conform to the shape of your body when you move are fragile. I have 4 broken springs in my Dux mattress. They protrude through the cover. The 20 year warranty is a pro-rated one.

  2. Roby says:

    Inox, you should contact the store where you bought the bed. I have 4 Dux beds and and my teen’s have jumped on them, rough-housed, and done just about everything possible to damage them, yet they continue to hold up just fine.

  3. Helena says:

    Good Luck…
    I just tried to make a reclamation of my bed and was told that Dux beds don’t break….. I bought mine in Sweden, 18 months ago and now live in the UK and no one is willing to help me. The Worldwide warranty is not so worldwide……

    I would not recommend the bed or the Dux company!!!
    I m so angry , that a major company like DUX has no customer care what so ever.

  4. Inox says:


    The retailer, a furniture store in Cambridge, MA, went out of business a long time ago, before the springs started breaking. Dux in New York offered to honor the pro-rated warranty, which would not do me much good, because the mattress is old. I expected it to wear out some day, but not to break. It is otherwise in remarkable condition.

    There are now 5 broken springs. I put thin mail order catalogs between the top piece and the bottom to protect the top piece from getting damaged by protruding broken springs. The odd thing is that with 5 broken springs, the bed is still quite comfortable, although I can notice the slight sag.

    I think Dux should have replaced my mattress and asked me to sign a non-disclosure agreement, or encouraged me to keep silent about the matter. They have lost a lot of business because I do not recommend their product, or any mattress for that matter, to people who ask me about it. I have a reputation for knowing something about modern furniture, and was disappointed to see that Dux is not in the same league as Cassina, Herman Miller, Knoll Studio, USM Haller, and Vitsoe, all of which have excellent customer service and will not allow an unusual failure to disappoint a customer.

    Someone I used to know at Herman Miller told me to take a close look at the broken end of the springs, and correctly predicted that the steel fractured down the length of the wire. It is a very odd failure. The metal looks grainy.

    It is ridiculous that beds are made in such a way that they cannot be repaired. A sophisticated office chair with such a limitation would not last long in the market.

    I am going to look at Carpe Diem beds in Norwalk, CT before I buy another mattress.

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