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Crib Mattress Review

To start a healthy life for a newborn baby, we need to have a lot of determination and good amount of research. We have to think about getting the best baby crib, stroller and even car seat that meets the safety standards. And one of the items we need to pay special attention to is the crib mattress. It means a whole lot more then plenty of other items we need to buy for the baby. A comfortable and safe sleeping surface is what we want for ourselves to begin with, and the same goes for our child. Finding safe and suitable crib mattress should be a priority to every parent.

One of the current issues in the bedding industry are the chemicals that can be found in beds. It is hard to know how important they really are and do they make any damage on the person that sleeps on them. We will not provide arguments for both sides here, we will take a smarter route from the start. To avoid chemicals that are used for pest control when the fibers are growing, we will simply choose to buy organic crib mattress. It won’t have any of the harmful chemicals and other elements that are usually added during the production. When you choose to buy a natural, organic product, you made sure that your baby is sleeping in a toxic free environment. You realize how important this is, because babies spend big part of the day sleeping in the crib.

Last few years are marked with natural and organic products. This is good news for us all since now it is much easier to find those healthy products we need. You do not have to visit specialty stores, your local retail store has what you need. And more so, there are plenty of websites that offer numerous choices when it comes to baby beds and crib mattresses.

You will find plenty of memory foam mattresses that are made of polyurethane foam. It has chemicals that cause respiratory problems. Other types are innerspring beds that also contain dangerous chemicals, especially those that are fire-resistant. The best choice you can make is to go with latex crib mattress. Latex is 100% natural material made out of rubber tree. It has natural resistance to dust mites, mold and mildew and other allergens. It doesn’t have to be manufactured in any special way, so you get the best product if you go with latex.

Besides the organic material, it is important that the surface of the bed is firm. You have to find crib mattress that will not sag under the weight of a baby. Soft mattresses can be a serious issue, since babies will not wake up if their air ways are blocked. Firm surface will not allow this, but soft one has a chance to “embrace” baby’s head and block the air ways. This is one of the reasons all baby beds are supposed to be firm and are tested regularly.

When it comes to popularity, Colgate Classica is currently at the top. It is a foam mattress, but it is made in such a way that it doesn’t have harmful materials. If you are going for memory foam, make sure you choose one of models from Classica series. Colgate also has natural mattresses, EcoClassica and EcoSpring Ultra. These models are safe and have received best buy by Consumer Reports. They are a bit more expensive than the competition, but paying $40 or $50 more should not even be mentioned when it comes to your baby safety and health.

Kolcraft has some great portable crib mattresses and they are another brand I recommend. With them, you will get a lot of options and will be sure with the product you buy. Sealy also offers great options when it comes to natural latex. I strongly suggest you stick with these three brands and buy one of their products. They are all rated high when it comes to comfort and safety, and have received awards for the crib mattresses they made. I just want to add that you will be able to get a good deal for under $100 without too much work.



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  1. I purchased a new Sealy not too long ago and so far I want to declare that it appears to be dollars well spent. I was a bit watchful about investing so much on a mattress to start with ,!

  2. Rust Paint : says:

    our baby cribs are usually made from wood and i very much prefer wood over metal cribs~.”

  3. Naturepedic crib mattress says:

    I have found Naturepedic organic crib mattresses to be the best. No chemicals for my precious baby! Do the research and you’ll see.

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