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Comparing Bragada Mattress And Tempurpedic

If you go looking for a good memory foam mattress at any store or online, the two names you’ll surely come across are the Bragada and Tempurpedic mattresses. Of course, there are many more manufacturers of visco elastic foams, but these are better known brands.

Till about a few years ago, Tempurpedic was the only manufacturer of visco memory foam and thus dominated the market. It’s matter of pride for them that this technology proved worthwhile in offering the much required support to the astronauts on their space missions and has now been benefiting common man by offering a solution to the problems connected with human back.

We can say this manufacturer offers the ideal product, using the best raw materials coupled with stringent quality control measures. Usually, their mattresses have a density of five pounds. It’s because of this value of density that the mattress takes a while to come back to its original shape after you get off it. That kind of density imparts firmness to the mattress.

Some users prefer having that kind of firmness for their mattress, while there are quite many who like to have something softer. Every individual has its own level of comfort and would buy accordingly.

The other brand Bragada is also considered among the best with Bragada Crowne Mattress as their most selling mattress. Some users find it so comfortable that they don’t want to leave bed! The brand has its own die-hard fans who feel most comfortable using this mattress. The density level of this mattress is lower than that of Tempurpedic, making it firm yet plush.

Perhaps, that’s the reason for its being a favorite of many users. Experts are of the opinion that it’s healthier to be using semi firm mattress as it provides better support to back. Consumers have reported that the mattress is helpful in relieving of back aches and pains.

Generally, people are happy using Bragada mattresses as it gives the desired level of comfort and lasts for almost a decade without posing the oft experienced problem of sagging of mattresses.

So, you have to make a choice amongst these two, depending upon your requirements of comfort level. Nevertheless, going by the present trends Bragada may be a better choice.

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