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ComfortAire Mattresses Within Your Grasp

A ComfortAire mattress is among those mattresses that allow you to adjust the level of firmness in a single bed. Comfortaire produces adjustable air bed mattresses in different models enabling you to choose one that matches your requirements. Moreover, each bed offers the option of flexibility so that the mattress perfectly matches your preferences.

You get different collections of ComfortAire air bed mattresses which offer varying levels of softness and firmness.

The air mattresses are designed to offer uncompromised sleep by incorporating a very exclusive control system that can keep the air trapped for long time by eliminating the chances of air leakage so that the preferred level of firmness is maintained.

Top ComfortAire Mattress Collections

The DreamAire collection comprises of original air models of Comfortaire’s mattress. This was first introduced in 1981. This model of mattress uses an exclusive air core made from cotton and latex. Soon, it got so popular that many competitors of Comfortaire copied the same construction.

This particularly designed air control system allows the mattress to spontaneously respond to any changes you make for your comfort level. This bed also comes with fast blower air system that facilitates faster movement of air and thus adds to your comfort. ComfortAire claims that the life of a DreamAire mattress can go up to 25 years.

GS Series
The GS Series comprises of mattresses that employ an advanced technology to perk up the sleeping surface of airbeds. This is backed by a recently patented and improved air control system known as WhisperFlo. Further, it has a more efficient Edge to Edge support system. In this case the air core is made from a unique alloy of urethane or TPU material that is frequently used in medical world.

It remains airtight and is very elastic, making the mattresses from this series to respond faster on getting in touch with your body. Moreover, the air core in this case is positioned nearer to the surface so that the effect can be experienced easily.
Salient features:

* 100 pressure sensitive settings
* Individual memory settings
* Instant inflate system

CFC Series
This series is offered in three different varieties: .500, .990 and the 1100. The 1100 is a lush mattress that has a split top design to keep the head area in an elevated position. You get the option of choosing from natural latex or Visco elastic foam. The .900 is firmer as it eliminates the Omalon layer.

The .500, a Visco-elastic mattress is meant for those who like to understand how ComfortAire offers a memory foam mattress.

The Celina is a high status mattress from ComfortAire. It comes with a specially designed eight inches chamber for enhanced cushioning effect. It has a memory foam topper along with a top surface layer of Belgian rayon pillow made from silk and premium foam. Its other parameters are:

* Air core made from cotton and latex
* 1.6-density perimeter foam at the edges
* Comfort pad made from 2 ½ inches of Visco memory foam
* Preset adjustment levels
* Memory settings and
* An instant fill feature

This is another high status air bed offered by ComfortAire. It incorporates the latest technology and IFC 2001, Instant Firmness Control that makes it possible to carry adjustments over a large range on either side of the bed.

It’s ideal for couples who share the same bed. It is provided with special anatomical zones that offer the required softness and firmness at the right points.

This classic option is among the most recommended air bed mattresses from ComfortAire.
It comes with pumps, enabling you to choose different comfort levels. Apart from soft and firm, you may also choose to have medium soft and medium firm settings.

Compared to other high end mattresses, the low profile design of this mattress is not suitable for people who like to have extra height. Of course, it has the same cotton/latex core and foam perimeter support.

Finally, we come to the Cirrus air bed from Comfortable. On going thru the reviews one finds that users are highly appreciative of its matchless AC3200 air control system.

This air control system offers an endless number of adjustments for each side of the bed to give individual occupier of bed the type of comfort level they expect. This mattress is very reasonably prices and most suited ComfortAire mattress for people looking for affordable deals.

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