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Coleman Air Mattress – We All Heard About It

The very mention of a comfortable first-rate air mattress bring Coleman air mattress to mind. The product is known for its durability and the comfort it provides. W.C. Coleman, a young businessman of 26 founded the company 100 years ago. Ever since the introduction of its first airbed, the demand for its product continued to go up. The company produces many designs of airtight mattresses that are relaxing and comfortable.

Some people consider a mattress as just a mat for taking rest or sleeping. Others like to use sleeping bag made from different materials like cotton, water or natural fabrics.

How sad! Mattresses are expected to be incorporating technology to provide 100% comfort to the user. There have been tremendous developments in the design and technology employed in making air mattresses. They are not the same as in 1980s.

Rather than using materials like wool or cotton, the manufacturers realized that a great way to provide the utmost comfort was in using one of the purest and most available natural materials in the form of air. These beds are made from textile reinforced rubber or plastic, or simple plastic. As they use air for providing comfort, they are lightweight, versatile and easy to carry, if needed. As and when you need it, just inflate it with air and when not in use, simply deflate it for convenient storage as they don’t need much of space. They are thus ever ready for being used at your convenience.

coleman air mattress

One great feature of a Coleman air mattress is the ease with which you can adjust and maintain its air pressure, that is its firmness, and hence the level of comfort. It’s as simple as pushing a button. That’s all you need to do. Perhaps you like to have a firmer bed than your partner in bed. You can get an air mattress consisting of two chambers, each with its separate control, so both the partners are comfortable on the same mattress without anyone sacrificing his or her comfort.

Modern airbeds can be a permanent feature of your bedroom with most of them designed to be as comfortable as a standard bed, but high quality ones like Coleman air mattresses presents more. It’s quite customary for many households to have a mattress that can be inflated easily on having some unexpected guest for the night. Those who like enjoying being outdoors and love nature prefer to carry their own air mattress that allows them to sleep as comfortably as at home even in the wild or in a tent. That’s what makes air tents a favorite of camping enthusiasts.

Air beds are not only lightweight, making them portable and easy to carry along, but can also be stored conveniently in a small place. Yet, they are strong and sturdy. While camping out you need to take the precaution of keeping them away from a rough or abrasive surface by keeping them on a blanket or thick clothing to avoid their getting in touch with the surface below. It is understandable that to prolong their life, you have to keep them away from sharp camping tools or rocks lest they get damaged or punctured. Of curse, the quality brands provide a repair kit for an on the spot maintenance.


  1. John Smith says:

    I love my Coleman air mattress! It is so nice when I go traveling to someone’s house and I want my own bed. Also, if you have friends or relatives over and need an extra mattress this is perfect!

  2. Target says:

    it is very best than other. I have personal experience about this mattress. it give restfull night and charming morning………

  3. mary says:

    purchased a 2000002843 – slept on it for 2 months inside ONLY- all of a sudden –it flattened – a tiny hole was evident in the ‘coil’ at the topside close to where my head lays on a pillow i—- no more spending my money on Coleman Mattreses !!!!!

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