Tips For A Split Queen Mattress

Split queen mattress comprises of box springs which are connected and easily reached. Its two designs are called as the whole and split box springs. The latter is designed to fit in areas which couldn’t possibly be reached by whole Queen Size box spring. Yes, it means the areas like narrow corners, tight doorways and […]

Banner Mattress Review – Details, Details

Banner is a special brand and type of mattress available in the market today. We said both ‘brand’ and ‘type’ because the manufacturer of Banner made many different explorations in the field of mattresses. The Banner brand of ready to use mattresses is made from the best quality materials, using the latest available technology and […]

Airsprung Mattresses – Find Out Everything Here

Airsprung mattresses, manufactured by a company with more than 130 years of experience, are among the top brands of mattresses sold in the country and even overseas. Their products incorporate the traditional expertise with modern technology. Manufacturing of present day Airsprung mattresses employs traditional and up to date spring system as also the latest foam […]

Selecting A Well Sized Ikea Mattress

Taking into consideration the size, there is so large variety of mattresses available that often a customer gets confused in deciding the right one. Needless to say, getting the right size is of paramount importance else it could affect your sleep, and hence health and the comfort the mattress is expected to provide. The mattresses […]

10 Mattresses Tips You Should Know

If you have any problems to decide which mattress to buy, you’ll find the following tips helpful in reaching your decision: 1. Bear in mind that you get what you pay for. Buy a reputed brand; it’s one way of assuring that you are buying a quality product. 2. It helps to shop at a […]

Dormia Mattress – A New Option For You

I may tell you at the outset that I’m not a salesman of some company or a store selling mattresses. I’m just a consumer and like all of you I like have a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress. I shall not hesitate to acknowledge that I was perhaps as apprehensive of buying a […]