Best Mattress Type

Best Mattress Type Of 2014

With continuous advancement in technology every year there are new trends models and brands of mattresses all coming with the promise of ensuring better sleep for people. Talking about mattresses, over the last two decades, various changes have been recorded in the world of bedroom foams with the introduction of specialty materials like memory foam […]

Why Is Queen Mattress So Popular?

The number of different mattress types, sizes and brands is quite big. And each one of these mattresses is designed in a different way to appeal to the different types of consumers. For example, we have air beds that are easily set up via inflation and deflation. You can use them for camping or to […]

How To Soften Your Firm Mattress

Many people don’t like the idea of sleeping on a firm mattress. They think they deserve a soft and comfortable bed that induces sound sleep and sweet dreams at the end of a hard day. If you also happen to be in that category of people, here are some ways to transform your firm bed […]

A Short Select Comfort Mattress Review

If you care to go through the reviews of the Select Comfort beds you can get a fairly good idea of consumers’ reaction to the innovative adjustable beds manufactured by Select Comfort. Their mattresses are rather unusual. These mattresses offer you the advantage of adjusting the level of firmness as per your personal requirements. As […]

An Insight Into Sensus Mattress

Foamex International, one of the foremost manufacturers of polyurethane foam based products has many subsidiaries of which the Sensus Company is an important one. The product range of the company includes bedding, carpet padding, automotive interior trim, furniture, and a wide assortment of electrical and special synthetic foams. Associate companies of Sensus group include Reflex […]

ComfortAire Mattresses Within Your Grasp

A ComfortAire mattress is among those mattresses that allow you to adjust the level of firmness in a single bed. Comfortaire produces adjustable air bed mattresses in different models enabling you to choose one that matches your requirements. Moreover, each bed offers the option of flexibility so that the mattress perfectly matches your preferences. You […]