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Best Buckwheat Pillows – Reviews And Benefits

Plenty of people spend hundreds of dollars on a quality mattress to sleep on, after all, we do spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, yet they turn around and buy a $1.99 pillow to go with their new bed. Then, they waste countless hours tossing and turning through the night, trying to get their head, neck, and back comfortable so they can sleep. When they wake up in the morning with a sore neck, shoulders that crackle, and a back that needs a half hour to loosen up, they wonder why. These are perfect examples of why it’s incredibly important to get a top quality pillow that is the right size, shape, and material to help get you to sleep and give you the right kind on long-term rest you need. Let’s examine the sizes and shapes of buckwheat pillows for different types of sleepers and then the best materials for a luxurious pillow.

To Wake Up In The Morning Energized, You Need REM Sleep

people having rem sleep

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement and it’s the kind of sleep that comes after you’ve been asleep for a good long time, it’s the deep sleep that your brain needs to rebuild, refresh, organize, and rejuvenate itself for the coming day. Studies have shown that when test subjects were awakened just before they reached REM sleep repeatedly, they woke up in the morning feeling tired as if they hadn’t slept at all. That’s how important it is to reach the deep sleep that your brain requires.

People that snore also have a hard time reaching REM sleep since just before they reach their deepest state of sleep, they wake up due to gagging on their own tongues. This is called sleep apnea and it has proven to be a cause of depression, anxiety, drowsiness during the day, and a bunch of other problems, all due to a lack of proper sleep. Scientists in sleep research studies have put cameras on those with sleep apnea and observed them tossing and turning all night long, gagging on their tongues, waking up and turning over to get comfortable only to repeat the process all night long. In many cases, it’s quite possible that the right pillow could solve their problem by properly supporting the head and neck, keeping the airways open, thus allowing them the sleep they so desperately need.

There Are Three Basic Types Of Sleep Positions

  1. First there are the back sleepers, they spend most of their night lying on their backs so for them the best pillow is going to be a thin flat pillow that will allow their head to only be slightly raised. Too thick of a pillow will put their chin into their chest and make breathing difficult, plus cause more snoring. They should possibly try a wedge pillow to see if that helps them sleep better. One problem though, back sleepers are far more prone to snoring since the tongue goes limp and falls back into their throats and blocks their breathing. If they can’t get a restful night’s sleep, they should make an effort to change their sleeping position permanently.
  2. Then there are the side sleepers that basically lie on their sides for most of the night. They get a great benefit from using what is called a contoured pillow that is fairly thick and holds their neck even with the spine. In some cases this can be a very thick pillow if a person has broad shoulders that keep their neck high above the mattress. The pillow must be thick enough to maintain the same level for the back and neck or the sleeper will constantly wake up with a sore neck and shoulders. Another problem for the side sleeper is keeping some space between their legs so that their hip joints are kept aligned. This can be an inexpensive pillow or there are special pillows that have indents on each side made especially for the purpose of holding steady between the legs. One of these pillows would be a great investment for people that have sore hips when they wake up in the morning.
  3. Finally, there are the stomach sleepers, probably the largest group of all. They typically sleep with one knee out and one leg straight, then curl one arm under the pillow with the other in and “L” shape in front of the face. These sleepers have the fewest problems with snoring, but can still snore, just less than the back sleepers. The thickness of pillow they need can vary widely since it may depend on whether they are prone to having one arm under the pillow, under their head, or not at all. It’s important to keep the spine straight as it comes from the back, through the neck and then to the head. A quality pillow without lumps and bulges is important to the stomach sleeper since the side of their face lies on the pillow. Also, too much fluffiness can result in the pillow putting pressure on the side of the nose blocking the airways which in turn will wake the sleeper up many times at night to reposition in order to breathe freely.

most popular sleeping positions

The Material That Your Pillow Is Made From Matters

Some pillows are made from a solid piece of foam but this material can usually compress into almost nothing and doesn’t give good support. Other pillows are made from feathers and these start out giving good support but eventually compress and in the end cause problems with support. The have to be continually re-fluffed to keep their size and shape. Another inexpensive pillow material is the broken up pieces of foam which seems like a good idea until the lumps are protruding into your face as you try to relax. After a few weeks of use the pieces of foam start to stick together and make larger lumps, making the problem worse each following week.

The advantages of Buckwheat hull pillows far outweigh the competition. The all natural filling keeps a fresh scent that doesn’t cause allergies in most people like the feather or down pillows tend to do. Since the buckwheat is naturally made from the hulls left over from processing the food, it needs no chemicals added to remain fresh. The hulls will allow air circulation far better than the cheap foam pillows since the foam is basically plastic with air bubbles that insulate your head to make you hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.

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The buckwheat hulls also tend to fall into place and mold to the head/neck configuration then stay that way throughout the night. This will help keep your posture nice and straight to eliminate sore backs, headaches, shoulder pain, and migraine problems. Once the pillow has been shaped to fit your head and neck, it stays that way all night long. This is highly important if you have a snoring problem since the tongue and throat need to be keep straight so the airway is kept open.

The greatest benefits of the buckwheat hull pillows are that they are very non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant. Dust mites can infest some pillows and cause a stuffed up nose and congestion. People may think they have hay fever but only while they sleep. This makes a restful sleep nearly impossible but the buckwheat pillow is by far one of the best for those with various allergies.

If you haven’t tried any of the many buckwheat pillows available yet, you’ll be surprised to find out they aren’t that expensive when compared to some of the high-end foam pillows. If you check online you’ll note in the buckwheat pillow reviews that nearly everyone that’s tried them will rave about the better night’s sleep that they’re now getting. If the stores near you don’t carry these types of pillows you can find them online and have them shipped directly to your home in just a few days. Make sure you go back online and report your great experience so that others will find and enjoy the best pillows ever.

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