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Best Mattress Type Of 2014

With continuous advancement in technology every year there are new trends models and brands of mattresses all coming with the promise of ensuring better sleep for people. Talking about mattresses, over the last two decades, various changes have been recorded in the world of bedroom foams with the introduction of specialty materials like memory foam which has left buyers with an overwhelming set of options when shopping for mattresses.
Fine, what is the best mattress type of 2014? The answer – there is no best mattress type; it all has to do with perception, taste and type of brand that appeal to an individual which is why this article examines the reaction of people to the major types of mattress in terms of durability, comfort and value.

Best Mattress Type
The 5 major mattresses type being examined are waterbeds, innersprings, latex, airbeds and memory foam with each of them being examined under the following: owner satisfaction, odour, lifespan average cost, support heat, motion transfer and durability coverage.

In terms of the owner satisfaction, memory foam had 81%, Latex had 80%, waterbeds had 79%, airbeds had 78% while innersprings had 63%. In terms of lifespan, memory foam had an average lifespan of 5-10 years, latex had 8-12 years, waterbeds had 8-10 years, airbeds had 8-9 years and innersprings had 5-8 years.

For the average cost of these types of mattresses, memory foam cost $300-3000, latex had $400-$3000, waterbeds had $100-1500, Airbeds had $1000-3000 while innersprings had $400-2000. In terms of the support they provide, memory foam was adjudged to provide a good support; latex had fairly good rating; waterbeds also had fairly good rating in terms of support as well as innersprings; airbeds were adjudged to provide an excellent support while sleeping.

In terms of heat, memory foam was fair as well as latex type of mattress; waterbeds had an excellent rating; airbeds had a good rating while innersprings had a fairly good rating. In terms of odour, memory foam was poor; latex was fairly excellent; waterbeds had a good rating as well as airbeds while innersprings had a fairly good rating.

For motion transfer, memory foam had an excellent rating while latex had a good rating; waterbeds was adjudged to be poor in this respect, airbeds on the other hand had good rating and finally innersprings was adjudged to be fair. Then in terms of durability; memory foam had good durability; latex had fairly good durability; waterbeds has an excellent rating as well as airbeds while innersprings was deemed to be fairly poor.

From the overall review, it is seen that memory foam stands out from all other types of mattresses and it has been at the top for years due to its growing popularity and availability. It is however closely followed by latex, waterbeds and airbeds type of mattresses but they have a problem of being unavailable most times. Innersprings that is at the lowest usually offers good comfort when purchased initially but after just 3 years of use, it tends to break down easily and so its durability is not exactly encouraging people to purchase it. So basically memory foam is still the best to consider for mattress purchase.



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