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An Insight Into Sensus Mattress

Foamex International, one of the foremost manufacturers of polyurethane foam based products has many subsidiaries of which the Sensus Company is an important one. The product range of the company includes bedding, carpet padding, automotive interior trim, furniture, and a wide assortment of electrical and special synthetic foams. Associate companies of Sensus group include Reflex Natural, Venus, Dri*Fast, and Aquazone. You may not be aware that you are already using many of the Foamex products in your daily life.

The Basics of a Sensus Memory Foam Mattress

Sensus Memory Foam has exceptionally good qualities including, though not limited to comfort, performance, durability and flexibility.

Sizes of the Sensus Viscoelastic Mattress

You get Sensus Memory Foam Mattresses in all bed sizes which go to include Twin Long or just Twin, Queen, King and also California King. The quality of materials used and hence the quality of sleep in all sizes remains the same, simply the best. Sensus is constantly innovative of its products with the intentions of creating the best sleeping surfaces by incorporating the latest technology for manufacturing of its products.

Sensus Deluxe

A Sensus Deluxe bed, with a starting price range of about $800 comes with an under padding with a top made from Sensus Visco-elastic material for absorbing shocks. This is further enclosed in quality cotton and other synthetic and natural materials that help to keep you dry and cool even when it gets too hot. As a basic Sensus Memory Foam mattress, the Deluxe presents something more than you could look forward to from even the most expensive conventional sleep surface, thus making it a good deal.

Sensus 10 Quilted Deluxe

A Quilted Delux, the best of the Sensus range, provides the same level of quality that you would get from a Sensus Deluxe. Additionally, you also get a specially quilted mattress that facilitates outstanding airflow, thus preventing the accumulation of moisture and heat. It’s priced much lower than any other traditional mattress, yet provides the same level of comfort and support. This is indeed designed to offer the most comfortable sleep among all the memory foam mattresses.

Apart from this range of superior bedding you can also buy their pillows and other sleeping accessories. You will find it hard to get another provider of superior memory foam products. Considering the quality of materials offered by this manufacturer and the level of comfort provided by the products, the prices are indeed remarkably low. Take a look at this site in order to find useful information on how to find a cheap mattress.

Most consumers who patronized this brand of memory foam mattresses have no hesitation in claiming that this is undoubtedly the best mattress that they ever used. The excellent memory retention ensures that the material will spring back to its original shape even after prolonged use, thus continuing to offer the same level of comfort and quality of sleep that it provided on its first use. The product just can’t be compared to any other memory foam mattress.

The best and easiest way to compare is to put one next to Sealy Memory Foam mattress. But, let me warn you before hand that even on comparing to its closest competitors, you won’t get results better than this mattress. Sensus mattresses are made using the best available materials and that’s what makes them stand apart from the rest. At the most any competitor’s product may offer similar level of comfort.

Well, there are certain complaints as reported in consumers reviews. It would not be fair on our part if we don’t make a mention of those. One of the common complaints is that the product is priced higher than other similar kinds of beddings. A very frequent complaint is that the mattress apparently absorbs body heat, only to reflect it back, making Sensus mattresses somewhat uncomfortable to sleep on as it becomes a bit too warm to remain comfortable.

Other than these two minor issues there are hardly any other negative aspects. Sensus mattresses are comfortable, durable and so styled that these can easily be moved around without any fear of distorting the surface. On going through the numerous consumer ratings we realize that this advanced mattress has got undisputed greater rating that goes to make it perhaps the most acceptable mattress available in the present market. There is none denying the fact that the acid test is to try it for yourself and that’s not difficult to do as you can recline on any floor model of the mattress for a couple of minutes.

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