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Among The Best – Simmons Mattress

Over the last decade or so, there have been tremendous technical developments in the mattress industry. This article will help you in getting a simple solution to your sleep related problems.

The modern developments allow us to use air, which is around us all the time, in a way to help us sleep better. Many of the new, as also the traditional mattress manufacturers are now producing new types of mattresses designed to provide better comfort levels and keep the users happy. The large variety of mattresses and the brands available in today’s market are sure to confuse an average buyer in buying the best available mattress.

Since 1876 Simmons has been among the largest manufacturers of mattresses that we have had and has continued to offer us some of the best mattresses. Besides air mattresses, this manufacturer makes a variety of mattresses using different materials. The manufacturing range includes memory foam, latex and the traditional inner spring mattress too. You also get mattresses using a combination of materials like memory foam and inner spring.

One of the important benefits of these latex bed mattresses is the higher level of comfort they offer, compared to other types of beds. More than 85% of the users of latex bed feel satisfied and more comfortable using these beds. Another equally, if not more important benefit of latex bed mattresses is their durability factor, as these last much longer in comparison to any other variety of mattress. At times small problems may appear in the use of these mattresses, but those don’t necessarily relate to the design or material of the product, but pertain to a particular mattress that was made. Primarily, memory foam mattress are the same as latex but definitely more expensive, and may release a somewhat unpleasant smell.

The other mattresses that Simmons offers are the Beautyrest, Air and Deepsleep mattresses. Some of the newer varieties of mattresses include accessories like pillow tops. At present its most liked model is the Beautyrest that allows the freedom of moving around without causing any disturbance to the person sharing the bed with you. This kind of mattress takes away nearly50% of the motion caused in the bed, thus providing a more-relaxed feeling while sleeping. These are all superb mattresses and within an affordable range. Though there are quite a few other companies offering the same kind of mattress basically, many like to go for Simmons mainly because of their being traditional and highly experienced. This manufacturer surely known the sleep problems that consumers face today and they are persistently coming up with better solutions. Simmons, without doubt is amongst the pioneers of this industry.

If you haven’t tried any Simmons Mattress yet, I would strongly suggest your doing so. Allow your body to get the quality of comfortable sleep it rightfully deserves and get rejuvenated to provide you the energy required during the day.



  1. Mattress Ratings says:

    In addition to the different collections offered by Simmons (Beautyrest, Air, etc.), this is a mattress brand that also comes with good customer ratings. As well, its warranty is pretty transparent, unlike a lot of other mattress companies that hide behind their warranties as a way to leave customers stranded with a dud product. Simmons surely sets the bar and is worth looking into, as suggested by the author.

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