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Airsprung Mattresses – Find Out Everything Here

Airsprung mattresses, manufactured by a company with more than 130 years of experience, are among the top brands of mattresses sold in the country and even overseas. Their products incorporate the traditional expertise with modern technology. Manufacturing of present day Airsprung mattresses employs traditional and up to date spring system as also the latest foam technology. The two work hand in hand to produce the best possible mattresses.

High qualities of materials that go to manufacture Airsprung mattresses make them the most durable ones. The spring system employs high grade steel and excellent quality of Visco-elastic foam is used for making the mattress tops. High quality twine is used for tying the spring system. The mattress itself contains a generous volume of best quality wool. Moreover, the mattresses come in pleasing designs and are covered with skillfully printed fabrics and come with a lavish deep quilted finish.

The Visco–elastic foam allows the mattress to conform to the contours of the body of the user. This feature helps to relieve pressure from pressure points and in the process reduces pain in the joints. The user feels as if cradled in bed. The foam is designed to remain breathable so that it remains warm during winters and cool during summer time.

Airsprung manufactures a large variety of spring systems that the consumers can choose from. The Pocket Spring design encloses each spring in a fabric pocket. An outstanding feature of this design is that the movement of one occupier of the bed doesn’t disturb the partner in bed. The dual Packet is similar to Pocket Spring except that this design has two layers of springs. This kind of design is very sturdy and of great help, especially to bulky couples. The mattress remains very firm, making it the perfect option for people affected with spinal maladies.

The other kind of mattress is the Poweredge. In this case the edges are reinforced, thus doing away with the ‘roll off’ effect. It simply means that the occupiers of bed may sleep on the entire length of the bed without the fear of falling off the bed. Trizone is the most recent spring system from Airsprung. This design incorporates many kinds of spring systems in the same mattress and offers the critically needed body support.

Users of Airsprung mattress post excellent reviews on company’s website. The best part that helps to sell more is that these are made in a wonderful way, but remain quite affordable and are readily available. Quite many users have reportedly used the mattress for more than a decade before going for its replacement. As they were quite satisfied with the performance of having already used one, they often decided to continue with the same brand again. Because of their affordability and the quality, Airsprung mattresses get a rating of four out of a possible five.

Over the years, Airsprung mattresses have come to be known as among the best available products in the market. The manufacturers could strike a perfect balance between affordability, quality and aesthetics. No wonder that their name is on top of the bedding business.

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