Choosing mattress is like choosing partner, you need to find perfect one because that relationship will last at least 9-15 years and it affect to your health and general condition. On market there is huge variations of mattress types and it is hard choice.

Types of Mattress

  • Latex - firm from latex foam
  • Memory Foam - softer with support foam
  • Coils - traditional type of mattress
  • Adjustable - offer the ability to change the sleeping position

Back pain

Lower back pain is a real thing to many of us after 40s. Each time we go to sleep on inadequate bed we are exposing our spine to additional pressure, so it’s important to have a mattress that has good support. Good back support doesn't mean firm bead and you should remember it.

Best Mattress Type Of 2014

With continuous advancement in technology every year there are new trends models and brands of mattresses all coming with the promise of ensuring better sleep for people. Talking about mattresses, over the last two decades, various changes have been recorded in the world of bedroom foams with the introduction of specialty materials like memory foam […]


What Are Latex Foam Mattresses?

Polyurethane and memory foam are the components of high quality and high priced mattresses for more than decade. But price of synthetic is rising and there is a demand for cheaper products that will offer the same level of comfort. One of the solutions offered are latex foam mattress. It has a similar qualities while […]


Novaform ComfortLuxe Mattress – Best Budget Memory Foam Mattress